Cat  is the most popular pet all over the world. The amount of cats are three time than dogs. The mainly reason why cats are ardently loved by human is because they are not only conversant, they are also independent. They are barely not to be trained by human, they can clean up themselves. And cats will not miss master so much if host go on a long journey, but if you are come back they will affectionate stepped forward to you.

Even though, cats are unpredictable. Dogs are optimistic, honesty and compliant. Cats are the opposite, we can hardly know about them. By contrast, science reveal some real natural instincts.

Go along with people.

The associate of cat and human is of long standing. The first nation that can tame the cat was Natufians about 10000-13000 years ago in Levant. They were inventor of agriculture, but the perplex of them was the rats steal cereal from them. Then Natufians found the use of cats and tamed them. However, these were not the pet cat like nowadays, they were wildcat.

We take cats like pets certainly has reasons. Cats have the cute appearance, floppy hair, and the most important is they will act coquettishly to human. Because of these characteristic, human feed the cats. Cats are not the products of human, so they do not be recognized as a creature that totally be tamed. Cats can affectionate with human, but it has conditions. On the one hand, they must jostle each other in a crowd; on the other hand, they must build emotions with human. In order to satisfy these two conditions, cats developed brand new social skills.

Learn how to social.

Female cats will drive the baby cat away after they are give birth to them in order to make the baby cats independence and not to inbreeding. Cats cannot seemingly maintain friendly relationship with the same kind. The most important signal of cats is perk up their tails. When two cats once get close to each other, one of them will perk up its tail, if another one also wants to near, it will also perk up its tail. And if you know about cats, you will find that they are always teasing the hair not only themselves, but of the same kind. Teasing hair means cement the emotions between the relationship of them. In addition, the communication between human and cat is also important. Cats are not born to attach human, when cats at a young age, human can get the trust from them.

Reveal true sentiments.

If you have a pet cat, you will find that cats are always making a sound like “purr”. People are recognizing this sound as the trust of cats to human. However this is not that clear-cut, it can also indicate that the cat wants to sleep, or it is hungry. Most cat owners are willing to fondle cats, but cats are not always accept fondle passively. Sometimes cats will jump to your knees or roll their body to invite their host to fondle them. It will deepen the emotion of cats and masters.

The sound of “Miaow”.

There is another way of communication between human and cat, it is the sound of “miaow”. Cats will come into notice to human by make a sound-“miaow”. Cats are not make sound “miaow” to other cats, just to human. Once human have reaction to this sound, cats will test and weed out to make different sound in different situation. After some time, there is a “language” that only the master and cat will understand.

The clothes that have cat image.

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