Pets are part of a family, and they mainly play the role of companionship in the family. Owners treat their pets more like children, taking good care of them and caring for their growth. Therefore, pet supplies dominate the current market. As for pet accessories, PVC patches are a particular gift.

No 1. PVC Dog Tag

You can customize PVC patch according to the picture of the pet. Because the color of PVC patch is bright, the pattern is realistic, the finished product will be very similar to the real object. Compared to the photo paper products, PVC patch is not only cheap but also has a very long and fine service life. There are some roles in PVC dog patches.

PVC Dog Tag

In memory of pets

Families surely will miss their pets very much once their pets pass away or get lost. Therefore, PVC Dog tag with the pet’s pattern can be used to commemorate pets. The owner can carry with pet’s image PVC products in memory of the pet.

Dog PVC Patches 1

Accessories of pets

Pets are like our families and children, they also need to be dressed up and accessorized. Master can decorate their pets with PVC patches. Pet PVC patch is one of the cool accessories for pets. Dressing up our family and friends by custom PVC patches now!

Dog PVC Patches 2

Protect your dog

Customizing PVC dog tag with pet’s name and information of the owner, then sewn PVC dog tag on pet’s harness, coat, or chain, it is not only cool but also can protect your pet from getting lost.

Dog PVC Patches 3

No 2. Personality Accessory

In order to show our love for our pet, we can customize PVC products related to our pets, such as PVC keychain, PVC luggage tags, etc., and carry dog PVC patches with us. Pet PVC patch is a very warm and loving ornament for the pet owners and pet lovers.


Dog PVC keychain and Dog PVC tags 4

No 3. Lovely Collection.

Are you a pet lover? Do you have any reason to prevent you from having a dog? Do you like to collect pet-related products? Do you know that PVC patches are a good collection?

PVC patch has a long service time, and its bright color won’t easy to be faded. Customized PVC patches are at cheap price, so it has become a popular collection.

Dog PVC Patches 5

No 4. Popular gift.

Gifts in the shape of dog and cat patterns are often the most popular. Both men and women, young and old like cute cats and docile dogs. Customizing PVC patches of pet’s photo, or customizing PVC patches of the photo of someone’s favorite breed dog, then send the dog PVC patch to him, he will be moved by this thoughtful gift.

Dog PVC Patch as gift

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