Extreme Luxury Colour Matching—GOLD & BLACK



Black, as a powerful color, can be very solemn and elegant, and can be a good partner for all colors. It is a color with many different cultural meanings, has a strong sense of mystery, and has always been at the forefront of fashion, is always the main color of fashion.

Black has always been the main color, black is not only a hundred sets, but also one of the representatives of sexy color, so having a black dress will greatly enhance the temperament of the whole person.



Gold symbolizes nobility, glory and brilliance, most of the world’s Royal colours are based on gold. Gold is the color of metal gold, with a certain degree of gloss, but also the supreme pure color of nature. It also symbolizes the color of the sun, representing warmth and happiness, gorgeous but elegant.



Having a single item of golden material color will make the whole person shine brightly. But we must pay attention to one thing: gold is a very eye-catching color, especially easy to magnify the shortcomings of our body, at this time, we can choose black with it, which can not only foil the eye-catching gold, but also cover up some of the shortcomings of the body.


GOLD & BLACK–Queen’s choice

Pure gold, though gorgeous and fantastic, always feels vulgar, and a large area of gold is more difficult to control. The most practical way is to use black with golden texture, which is the best.

The combination of black and gold has always been the darling of fashion designers, and even the whole fashion world. It will never miss any big-name T-stands and shows. The classical collocation of black and gold color makes the visual sensory level richer. The black and gold items that sway the powerful atmosphere of the queen are transformed into fashion choices, fully reflecting the nobility and elegance of women.


Of course, in addition to clothing design, the use of black gold in daily life with a very wide range of areas, and then we directly look at the picture!






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