In order to let more customers understand the customization process of customize lanyards, we have collected some frequently asked questions mentioned by customers through different ways. These questions and puzzles must come to your mind when you try to design lanyards for the first time. We have summarized and generalized these common questions below. Our professional team will provide solutions for you in detail. We hope that the answers can help customers solve problems in a timely manner.

Frequently Asked Questions
FAQs in Lanyards

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Question One: How many colors can the dye-sublimated lanyards make? 

The numbers of color have no limit for dye-sublimated lanyards. All dye-sublimated lanyards are applied to the advanced dye-sublimated printing process, which means it is dyed with different inks. The dye-sublimated printing process is finished by two steps; the first step is to print your design paper using the inks, and the second step is to use the strong pressure and high temperature to print graphics to the surface of lanyards. These inks with different colors can penetrate the surface and sink into the fabric of lanyards, which is why the dye-sublimated lanyards have smooth surface. Additionally, the dye-sublimated lanyards allow us to print any graphics included full color photographic and gradient.

Printed complex graphics on lanyards
Colorful Dye-sublimated Lanyards

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Question Two: Which kind of lanyards is softer?

Lanyards can be classified into many types, such as polyester lanyards, nylon lanyards,dye-sublimated lanyards and so on. The softness of lanyards is different. Dye-sublimated lanyards are the softest among all the lanyards. The texture of dye-sublimated lanyards is smooth and soft due to the dyeing technology. The polyester lanyards have medium softness, and it’s famous for its good quality and cheap price. Polyester lanyards are the first option for sports because of its highly absorption. Nylon lanyards are the top-quality lanyards. It is thicker but has the lowest softness. If you have enough budget, we suggest that you can choose nylon lanyards.

The exhibition show for all lanyards
Different Types of Lanyards

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Question Three: Can the silkscreen printing process be applied to the dye-sublimated lanyards?

Silkscreen printing and dye-sublimated printing are two kinds of printing techniques. But the final results are the same: adding the graphics on the surface of the lanyards. Silkscreen means attaching the graphics with ink by using the silk screen to the lanyards along with strong pressure. Dye-sublimated printing uses a special film to penetrate the dyes to the lanyards along with high temperature.

Generally speaking, the awesome lanyards used by dye-sublimated printing process are available for all kinds of graphics. But the silkscreen printing lanyards will be limited by color. If the order is small, we suggest you choose the silkscreen printing lanyards. Larger order should choose dye-sublimated lanyards. It’s ok to make dye-sublimated lanyards and then add some information by using another silkscreen printing process. These two printing processes can combine together, but the production time will be longer and the cost will be higher.

Question Four: What’s the maximum interval between two logos of lanyards?

Although we offer a full selection of customization options for your custom lanyards, there are certain standards that needs to take into consideration when order lanyards. One of them is the interval of two logos printed on the lanyards.

Technically, the interval between two logos has no limit. It depends on the maximum range of the machine allows.

As for the standards and specifications for typesetting, it is completely depended on personal aesthetic.

However, the interval between logos needs to have a degree. The longer distance between two logos will leave a large empty space, and it will unavoidably destroy the overall sense of the lanyards. The logos cannot be seen clearly if placed too close. We suggest you take a look at There are lots of good lanyards for reference. Don’t worry about it. We have what suits youthe best.

Question Five: What is the minimum size of the fonts on the lanyards?

Normally, the surface of customize lanyards often includes the name and logo of companies. These are the basic contents for printing.

As for the size of fonts, there is no certain size but some standards do exist.

First, we have to confirm the length and width of the lanyards you want to make. Then, you will decide how many spaces should be used for printing your graphics within a certain length and width. Finding a suitable size for the font. If the text is longer, you can use two lines to print the text. If the text is shorter, you can use a large size of the font to print it clearly. Don’t worry about the typographic design of the text. Professional people can give you the best solutions.

Different colors lanyards
Logo Design on Lanyards

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After reading these questions and answers, you have become familiar with the design process of customize lanyards. GS-JJ has provided design services for many customers. We have made high quality lanyards for many years. Ask us any questions. We hope that all customers can receive the best product.

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