As we all know, medals and trophies are popular ways to celebrate and award players. They have own their features as follows.

1. Different Materials
2. Small and Light
3. Cheaper
4. Enormous Quantity
1. Different Materials
2. Big and Heavy
3. More Expensive
4. Small Quantity
Medals V.S. Trophy

Now, in this article, we will mainly talk about how to chose medals online. It is an ultimate guide? Maybe! 


If you look for a type of medals for kids’ race, PVC medals are suitable. Custom PVC medals can add your logo and patterns. Try it for the kids’ race now!


1. Safe

Because it is made of rubber ( silicone ). It hasn’t a sharp area for children. Meanwhile, it is not too heavy. For children, their necks won’t be wounded.

2. Colorful

It is not limited in the color. It is not easy to rub off. PVC medals can present your design precisely, making your products vivid.

3. No deformation

Due to being rubber, it doesn’t get rusty. It doesn’t distort. Like tumbler, it goes back to where it was when you hit it. In addition, It is also difficult to scratch unless you use sharp goods like a knife.

4. Cheap price

The production time of PVC medals is almost short compared with metal medals, and the cost of material is inexpensive, which makes PVC medals cheap.

5. Easy to clean

Although it is stained with dust easily, it is also easy to clean. Just wipe it down!


1.Not enough beautiful

Due to the special material, it is not delicate compared with metal medals. It’s easy to turn yellow over time!

2. Environment or not

PVC environmental grade is classified into ROHS, 6P, 15P, of which 15P is the most environmentally friendly, and ROHS are low toxic. Generally speaking, regular shops with a high reputation use environmental PVC materials. Therefore, if you order, you must shine your eyes to select!

3. Low collection

Because it is not made of metal, it has a low collection just like toys. And it is popular in the kids’ race and is not easy to attract adults, whose target audience is narrow.

Main Types of PVC Medals

1.2D PVC Medals

2.3D PVC Medals

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If you would like to design delicate and personalized medals, metal medals are perfect and will be wonderful souvenirs. They are popular among many races.


1. Delicate look

Each area is designed delicately. You can choose antique medals, shiny & sandblast medals, soft enamel medals, hard enamel medals. It can be designed in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Rich texts can also be added. Multi-choices for you!

2. Wide applicability

Almost every race can use it. On many formal or informal occasions, you can see it.

3. High collection

Due to being metal material, especially for military medals and award medals, many people choose to collect. Some regard it as a family heirloom.

4. No deformation

Transform it? Unless you’re Popeye! Metal medals have high stability. Ordinary fire cannot hurt it.


1. Long production

The production process of metal medals is complex like plating, coloring, and so on. Generally speaking, it needs 3 or 4 weeks. But it is worth the wait!

2. High price

Because it includes a mold fee, each color or attachment needs to be paid. So metal medals have high costs, and the sales price is also high.

3. Easy to damage

Metal medals won’t be crumbed. But, it is easy to be scratched, especially in the shiny medals. If it meets water, it will be rusted. It just doesn’t corrode as quickly as the original metal because of special crafts.

Main Types of Metal Medals

1. Soft Enamel Medals

2. Hard Enamel Medals

3. Antique Medals

4. UV Printed Medals

5. Shiny and Sandblast Medals

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If you want to choose a special medal, wooden medals are your first choice.

Image From: & woodgeekstore


1. Environmental

No metal, and not much color. All design is originated from carving.

2. Classic look

The wooden medals are not static but soft, and fully return to the natural world. The message it conveys is dignity and solemnity. These give products a classic look.

3. High decoration value

Because of its good looks, it can be decorated in your room.

4. Engraving or coloring

You can choose engraving or coloring to beauty your patterns. Both are delicate.


1. Putrescibility

When it is exposed in the air and contact wetting, it is easy to be putrescible. Meanwhile, it is easy to be musty.

2. Bite easily

If you store it too long in the dark area, it will be bitten by insects.

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If you want your products to be more shiny and eye-catching, you can select crystal medals ( glass medals ).

Images from: customawardsgallery


1. Delicate look

It is glittering and shiny, and the feel is exquisite, which still can engrave a word on it. Crystal Medals are a symbol of high purity. It is often used for prizes awarded by governments and businesses.

The crystal medal can save the image and text you want in the lens by laser, and the stereo effect is remarkable. If you only need small quantities for awarding some excellent people, crystal medals are special.

2. Easy to clean

Simply add water to the ordinary cleaning solution and place the product to be cleaned. After cleaning with a soft brush or hand, rinse with clean water and take it out to dry. When half dry, you should wipe it clean with a soft towel, leaving no water lines and fingerprints.


1. Fragile

Because it is made of crystal, you should store it carefully or it will be broken. In addition, it is packaged carefully on delivery. So, it will add your cost to the packaging.

2. Simple design

Usually, it is no color. The texts and logos are added monotonously.

3. Expensive price

Although it can be customized, the mold fee is high. It needs to be cut.

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A cost-effective way to make your own medals.

Images from: garzig / edco /


1. Affordable price

Because the material is low-cost, you will get them at a cheaper price.

2. Colorful

You can color your medals in any color or engrave them.

3. Any shapes or sizes

It can be made in any shape and size according to your needs.

4. Light

It is made of plastic, so it is very light.


1. Not very beautiful

Compared with metal meals, acrylic medals are not very beautiful and high-end. If you have strict requirements, you’d better choose metal medals.

2. Easy to scratch

It is easy to be scratched because it is thick. So you should protect them carefully.

Main Types of Acrylic Medals

1. LASER Cut Acrylic Medals.

2. Engraved Cast Acrylic Medals.

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5 Different medals have different features and weaknesses. A different object, race, occasion, a budget can influence your choice. It’s up to you when you magnify the advantages and ignore the disadvantages.

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  1. I like that you mentioned that metal medals don’t get damaged easily, and they can’t even get burnt. I will suggest this material to my mom when she gets medals customized this weekend to make this memory last. It will be for the awarding of the best in costumes and best performances on our coming Christmas party next week.

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