Would you like to create your own custom challenge coins? Come here, you will find our new edition page on our website. Yes, after a period of joint efforts of our professional team, we have created the latest online design tool, which is rich in choices. Here we’d give you a detailed intro about this easy-to-use system.

You will see two different systems as following, they will help you customize your own custom coins style. You will enjoy the whole process of designing when you use the “Challenge Coins Online Designer System”.

The customization of a challenge coin mainly includes two elements: structure and appearance. Therefore, above systems will provide you an utmost space to customize your own challenge coins. Get quote/Ordering provides you a frame to how to make a coin. Design it yourself online will offer you huge creative space for free. You can choose the design system first if you prefer to draw on surface. You could design based on the following four steps if you are not familiar with the system.

1.Appearance Design

The following steps actually show a template for you. You can read the steps first, then design it based on the procedure . Alternatively, you can skip these steps and draw the picture as your wish.

There are four drawing tools (Add Art, Add Text, Layers, Drawing) on the left column. When you choose one pattern in templates, you can click on any drawing tool you like. I usually accustomed to pitch on Layers first.

A. Layers

You need to hold the left mouse button when you pitch on one layer such as image 0#texture, then, move the layer to any place you want, or adjust it in Flip, Center or Adapt. Likewise, you could delete or clear it if you don’t like.

Challenge coins are usually manufactured into round shape, however, there are still some irregular shape coins. You can visit here if you hope to get more creative designs.

B. Add Art

When you want to add some other figures on the template, there are also many options for your reference. For example, you will see at least ten different style wreathes on the right side when you click on the Wreath.

You can follow the steps below if you want to add the art at the center of your pattern.

C. Add Text

The next step that you should add some texts on your pattern, you can input your text in the frame of the left side first, then, hold your left mouse button to move the text area to any place you want to. You also can edit the text if you are not satisfied with the effect.

D. Drawing or Upload

I believe that you must have seen the following drawing tools, then let’s play with your rich imagination! Of course, you can upload your own pictures if you are not fancy of our patterns.

Of course, you can design the coin based on your own sequence if you don’t like the above procedure. But that’s not your final design. You will see the below page when you click on NEXT. That is to say, you need choose one coin metal finish to go on your next structure designing.

As above picture shows, some different plating colors could be chosen on coins customizing, such as gold, silver, copper, antique gold, etc.

2.Structure Design

You are going to this step if you click on “I confirmed my design. Let’s start my Quote/Ordering”. I will show you an example of how to handle this system. You need to pitch on “Challenge Coins” first, then, select one option in the sequent pictures step by step as following illustrates. From selecting colors, coin size, coin weight to the last step, I believe you will make a perfect challenge coin soon.




3. Epilog

After finishing the above customized steps ,you will finally get this quotation. Of course, you can go back to your whole quotation list if you want to re-edit it.

I suppose you will get a strong sense of achievement after you complete the whole process. Would you like to try immediately? Please visit us if you want to know more.

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