1. Hayao Miyazaki-Ghibli Studio

If we want to talk about Japanese animation, we must mention his iconic character, Hayao Miyazaki. In an obscure grey building outside Tokyo, Japan, he has white hair and white beard, big black-framed glasses and beige suspenders. In the eyes of children, he is the grandfather who painted Totoro, Spirited Away and Ponyo; in the eyes of environmentalists, he is a staunch anti-nuclearist; in the eyes of right-wingers, he is a “traitor” of Japan; and in the heart of all peace-minded people in the world, he is a master animator with a conscience.

Hayao Miyazaki


His animation “spirited away” won the 75th academy award for best feature-length animation and won the 87th honorary Oscar for lifetime achievement in 2015.

spirited away

Hayao Miyazaki founded Ghibli Studio in 1985, the most famous of which was the 1988 animated film “My Neighbor Totoro,” in which the big Totoro became the Ghibli Studio logo and mascot at the beginning of each Ghibli Studio film.

Ghibli Studio’s boutique in Kyoto is filled with cute anime memorabilia!!!

Ghibli Studio

Custom Pins are essential!!!

Ghibli Studio pins

There are too many Lapel Pins!!!

Ghibli Studio lapel pins

2. Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is very popular all over the world. The Hallo Kitty without mouth was originally designed by a company called Sanrio. Today, she generates $500 million in copyright profits for Sanrio every year. However, in 2014, Hello Kitty image registrar Sanrio foreign clarified the fact that Hello Kitty is not a cat, but the image of a little girl.

Now Kitty’s unique image has appeared on about 22,000 different products and is sold in more than 40 countries around the world.

Hello Kitty

Hallo Kitty’s Lapel Pins

Hallo Kitty’s Lapel Pins                       


3. Sirotan

Everyone must have seen this cute little seal! He is called Sirotan, also a Japanese cartoon. Sirotan is a young harp seal, the color is white, but it often disguised as other objects and lovely animals. Sirotan’s favorite activities are swimming and napping in the ocean. His favorite foods are fish, ice cream, candy, and milk. He likes playing and dressing up.


Sirotan’ Lapel Pins
Sirotan’ Lapel Pins


Japan’s animation industry accounts for two-thirds of the world’s scale. There are many Hollywood giants on the other side of the world. Their integration is only part of the remaining one-third. The output value of the Japanese animation industry accounts for 10% of Japan’s GDP. We should know that Japan is not a small country with a poor single industry, but it has occupied the top economic powers in the world for a long time, and the most important pillar of his economic income is the animation industry.

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