Dragons, called “Long” in Chinese. They are legendary creatures since they appeared. In human’s mind, dragons are formidable and august.


Dragons were deified animals created by tales of legendia in China since ancient times. They were the symbolizations of auspicious sign. The ancient people thought that the dragon would be a fetish of powerful and related to water controlled and managed the animals and astronomical phenomena. Dragon, as a worship phenomenon, has been permeating all aspects of the Chinese society. Nevertheless, the image of dragon in west country is totally upside down with the Chinese dragon.




There are many differences of cultures between China and west. At the same time, Chinese and Western tales both have the existence of dragon. The dragon of Chinese tale was a totemism in ancient times. The original prototype was a synthesis of several kinds of animals. Cows, rabbits, deer, eagle, crap, snake and so on. These were the favorite and worshiped animals since ancient time. People gathered the characteristics of these animals into dragon, and used dragon for the perseverance and determination of confronting the nature. It also reflect the gentle and cultivated characters of our national ancient residents. The visualize of the Chinese dragon is gentle and elegant. Chinese dragon is the god in charge of the rain. Because China is the agriculture civilization in ancient, the belief and adore is the most complex to dragon. When it became the civilization of society, dragon gradually evolved the deified animal of realistic and romantic. You can find that dragon appears in many areas, such as politics, economics, cultures and arts. Dragon becomes the spiritual pillar in the hearts of Chinese people.



However, the western dragon is just the opposite of Chinese dragon. Although western dragons’ bodily form is huge and strength is powerful, they are not deity. They are a kind of demon. Western dragons are more materialization, they have wings in a general way. They do not speed across the sky, but using the wings flying in the sky. And they are not like Chinese dragon can control the nature, they can erupt the huge flame. The most crucial point is the western dragons are not the positive energy, they are representing the evil and the dark force. Therefore, in most cases western dragons are ugly and deformed, it’s hard to look at them. But after the movie <How to Train Your Dragon> was shown, the image of the western dragon was changed better than before. The western dragon’s image of the movie is adorkable. However, the image of the western dragon in movie is also not exist in China, because the Chinese dragon cannot be tamed.



About the existence of the dragon, it is still a mystery. Many Chinese doubt that the scientists deny the existence of the dragon because of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs. The other eleven animals are the real animals, there is no possibility that dragons are not existing. And there are many true case can prove the existence of dragons. Maybe dragons were existing in reality, maybe it is just the glorious vision of people. Whatever it takes, it is the belief deep inside Chinese people.



Every embroidery has their significative meaning, the dragon embroidered patches as well. Dragon embroidered patches is usually used to the costume. The dragon embroidered patches is representing the auspicious and high-status. It is matched with the phoenix embroidered patches all the time. In ancient time, the dragon represented the emperor, and the phoenix represented the empress. They were both the symbolizations of honourable. You can find Chinese Dragon Custom Embroidered Patches and Fire-Dragon Embroidered Patches for prompt goods on the GS-JJ company’s website (the links are listed below). If you want other dragon patterns, we can design whatever you like for you.


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