In daily life, we often can see stickers, the size, color, and shape of these stickers are different, for example, the color of stickers has white, black, red and so on, likewise, the shape of stickers have custom oval stickers, clear circle stickers. Besides, stickers can also be printed with a variety of different patterns and another important factor of stickers is cheap. The diversified elements of stickers make them very popular in the market and they are a fashion product loved by teenagers and young people. Stickers are so popular not only because it is easy to use, but also because it is a manifestation of personalization.

Don’t underestimate these stickers, although many stickers are disposable, they are very useful and can be used in many places. One of the most important functions of stickers is decoration. Sticking stickers on mobile phones and other monotonous places can beautify the appearance. For example, for families with babies, most of them will stick some cartoon stickers on the walls which not only beautify the walls but also arouse the baby’s curiosity. Of course, stickers are not limited to the baby room. Anyone who wants to decorate their room is also the best choice.

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Have you ever noticed that most of the coffee shops, restaurants, and other shops have stickers on the outside of the windows? These stickers are one kind of stickers and it’s called clear stickers, sticking these clear stickers is not just for sake of beauty, but also a means of promotion. According to the big data survey, the turnover of the store with clear stickers is much higher than those without clear stickers. Why does such a plain sticker have the function of increasing sales? Because custom stickers can be a fast and efficient way to convey information to a passerby, such as store hours, sales social media information, free WIFI, and other information can be intuitive displayed using custom clear stickers. This basic information enables passerby to learn more about the store more quickly and can greatly attract them to become your customer. This is the attraction of stickers, not eye-catching but no one will ignore it.

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When you are watching TV and suddenly the advertising time is up, will you choose to skip it? Most people’s answer is yes, I will choose to skip. You can skip advertisements on TV, but you can’t avoid advertisements on the bus. Some companies print the advertisement on the sticker and stick it on the exterior of the bus as an intermediary to promote the company products and introduce the products to consumers in the most intuitive way. This method is not only economic but also the most direct and effective.

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Of course, although the decals are cheap, they also have quality requirements, generic stickers or pre-made stickers usually cannot meet customer requirements, which is not a problem for a custom sticker. Customized stickers are more personalized and quality assurance than general decals. Our company’s stickers are famous for their quality, personality, and uniqueness. Contact us as soon as possible to learn more about our custom stickers, our telephone number is 1-888-864-4755, our mailbox address is Our staff will customize your stickers according to your specific needs, we will provide you with high-quality custom stickers and best price custom stickers.


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