The PVC keychain is a kind of decoration hanging on the keys and the bags. It can string the scattered keys together to avoid the loss of the keys. The PVC keychain is made by the environmentally-friendly soft rubber PVC through the production process of epoxy (micro-injection). Its structure is a combination of PVC soft rubber products + aluminum rings (split ring). The specific production process of PVC keychain is divided into the following seven steps:

First Step: Design Drawing

The customer places the order first, then asks for product requirements or provides relevant design patterns for the designer. And the designer designs the design drawing according to the customer’s requirements. Communication with customers is required when designing artwork to ensure that artwork is completed on time and on-demand. After the artwork is designed and confirmed by the customer, the merchandiser will provide the design draft to the factory.

Second Step: Modeling.

The factory opens the mold according to the artwork confirmed by the customer. Mold making: refers to the development of molds (including design and production), referred to as mold making. It is to make molds and related auxiliary equipment for product design sometimes called toolmaking or tooling.

Third Step: Tinting

Make the color matching for the PVC keychain according to the design drawing. It should be noted that the color of the PVC product must be color-coded according to the color card. Otherwise, the color of the first proofing product will be greatly different from the color of the design draft. The color and color position of the first proofing product. It must be the same as the color and color position of the design drawing, so it will not affect the production of large goods. After the proofing products are confirmed by the customers, we will mold, color and carry out large-scale production according to the number of orders placed by customers and the complexity of design draft patterns.

Fourth Step: Arrange Production Line

Before the production of large goods, the person in charge or the supervisor should carefully arrange the work to ensure smooth production. That is to say, before the production of large-scale PVC keychain, the supervisor should carefully plan the dispensing personnel of this product according to the samples confirmed by the customer, and determine the coloring position according to their technical differences. The purpose of this is to prevent defective products from being produced in large quantities. It requires different sizes of needles for different positions and patterns. The more complex the product, the higher the skill of the dispensing personnel, otherwise it will make a lot of defective products. The purpose of this is to prevent bad products from being produced in large quantities.

Fifth Step: Production.

The PVC keychain starts on the production line and is produced according to the design draft.

Design draft
Design draft

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Sixth Step: Quality Inspection

This part of the quality inspection is also very important. After the product that has just been on the line comes out, the product should be placed in cold water for a period of time. The purpose is to let the product cool down, and force the product to cool to determine if the product is ripe. Make sure that the product is ripe and then compare the naturally cooled PVC keychain and the customer-supplied sample with the coloring position and color of the emerging PVC keychain. Make sure that the product is cooked and then use the cooled product and the sample provided by the customer to determine whether the coloring position and color of the product just come out are the same. The problem with a product that is just on the line may be that the color and pattern are wrong. The problems that often occur in the production of large goods are unfamiliar, heterochromatic, variegated, and air bubbles. If the product is printed at the bottom, problems such as unfamiliar, heterochromatic, motley, and air bubbles must not occur, and the bottom must be very flat and must not have any air bubbles. After the product inspection, the product should be placed neatly in the carton or plastic frame.

Finished product
Finished product

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Seventh Step: Packaging

The packaging of the PVC keychain can be packaged according to the customer’s requirements. PVC products + four mother chains + stainless steel ring, they can form a complete PVC keychain. It can be packaged separately with an OPP bag, or it can be mixed with several pieces of PVC keychains into an OPP bag, the final PVC keychain that enters the OPP bag is packaged into the box according to customer requirements.

Different PVC keychains
Different PVC keychains

The above is the production process of PVC keychain. Compared with the keychain of other materials, the material cost and production cost of the PVC keychain are lower, and the color of the PVC keychain is bright, and it is beautiful and durable, so it is loved by everyone. Our GS-JJ Company has our own factory, which can strictly control the production of each step and provide our customers with high quality and low price products. If you want to order our high-quality custom PVC keychain, please visit and contact us. Our customers will provide you with the best quality solutions to ensure your satisfaction.

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