What is PVC Keychain?

PVC, the full name is Polyvinylchloride, the main component is polyvinyl chloride, and needs other ingredients to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility and so on. PVC is a well-loved, popular and widely used synthetic material in the world today. Its global use ranks second among various synthetic materials. The PVC material is a polymerized thermoplastic polymer. PVC is also an amorphous polymer, containing crystallinity 5% -10 % of microcrystals (melting point 175 degrees). Physical properties such as molecular weight, crystallinity, and softening point of PVC vary depending on polymerization conditions (temperature). It is made of PVC resin and mixed with various additives such as stabilizers, plasticizers, fillers, colorants and modifiers. It is plasticized and molded into PVC resin plastic.

PVC keychain, it is also known as soft PVC keychain. It is a keychain made of PVC product and metal split ring. The PVC keychain is also known as the epoxy keychain and the micro keychain because it is produced by the epoxy process.

6 Features of PVC Keychain

1) Environmentally friendly and non-toxic: PVC keychains are made of environmentally friendly materials, which can pass SGS certification, European toy safety regulations EN71-1, EN71-2, EN71-3, and the products are sold well in Europe and America, in the gift export mall. Occupy a high share.

2) Strong stereo effect: PVC soft rubber keychain can be made by 2D flat process or 3D stereoscopic process, and the keychain is made of embossed technology. The stereo effect is very strong and extremely expressive!

3) Wide application range: There is no restriction on people who uses the keychain. For example, the corresponding product information or propaganda advertisement on the keychain, as a promotional gift, it will be very good.

4) Diverse appearance: There is no limit to the shape of the PVC keychain. The size of the keychain is usually very small, and the customary round or square shape, as long as you request, we can make a keychain that is unique to you.

5) Strong scalability: Plus LED lights on a PVC keychain can be made into a lighted keychain; plus spices into it can be made into a fragrance keychain, plus a thermometer can be made into a functional keychain.

6) Suitable for custom-made: PVC soft rubber keychain, which has the characteristics of low mold cost, low unit price, and it also has a product-conceived character, which is especially suitable for custom-made.

Whether the PVC material is environmentally friendly or reaches the food-grade depends on whether the raw materials in the PVC product meet the environmental protection requirements and whether the production process is not environmentally friendly.

How to choose a safe and reliable PVC keychain?

1. See if the PVC keychain has passed the SGS safety certification.

The PVC soft rubber material used in the safety and environmental protection PVC soft keychain is certified by SGS. It is a safe, non-toxic, green and environmentally friendly product that is harmless to the human body. So friends can use it with confidence.

2. Refused to buy inferior PVC keychain and products.

Don’t be defrauded by cheap prices. Because of the cheap price, the materials used cannot be guaranteed. Before purchasing PVC products, you must look at the qualifications, scale, and environment of the manufacturer.

GS-JJ PVC Keychain
GS-JJ PVC Keychain

Through the above, we can know that as long as it is a PVC soft rubber product produced by a regular manufacturer, the quality is guaranteed. If you are looking for a manufacturer of custom PVC keychain, then GS-JJ Company will be your first choice. We are a professional PVC keychain manufacturer. We provide complete products for customers from design, mold opening, proofing and production. One-stop service, we can provide thousands of PVC keychain samples for your reference. We can customize PVC products according to your specifications, size, color, style, shape, pattern and other personalities. Welcome new Old customers visit the guide, welcome to visit our website and negotiate with customer service.

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