Luggage tag as the name implies, it often carries with luggage at airports, public transportation railways, stations, etc. As people become more aware of environmental protection, manufacturers use environmentally friendly PVC materials to produce luggage tags now. PVC is a green material that does not cause any harm to the human body. Many people mistakenly think that PVC is plastic. In fact, PVC can also be called polyvinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resource. PVC material also can be produced by a new process of multi-color integrated molding technology. The PVC luggage tag is more complex in surface pattern, rich in color and unique in style. The PVC luggage tag is durable and not easily damaged by rough shipping procedures and easy to clean.

Many companies will customize the luggage tag of their company logo as a gift; travel agencies will also customize the route-themed luggage tag as a promotional gift; all of their purposes is advertising their business. So what is the classification of the luggage tag? The material of the luggage tag is more commonly used PVC, PU, metal, and PVC material is also divided into hard and soft PVC.

The three different materials’ luggage tag

The metal luggage tag is made of synthetic metal as the main material, it can be printed with patterns, some words, and it can also make some hollow patterns. The metallic texture is more valuable.

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PU luggage tag is also a common luggage tag. PU material is a kind of artificial leather material; the texture is softer, feels better. It can be pasted the pattern on the surface or made it hollow out. Since most of the process of PU is manual, the prices PU luggage tag will be more expensive. Most of the processes of PU luggage tags need to be done by hand, so it is more precious.

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The shape of the many hard PVC luggage tags is similar to that of a small card. The front side is usually printed with a pattern. It can be printed trademark of companies, or it can be printed a more complicated pattern, or other cute, small and fresh patterns, or personal photos, landscape pictures, etc. The hard PVC luggage tag is usually made of PVC film and transparent film, it is very light and thin which is convenient to use.

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The front side of the soft PVC luggage tag can be made into a 2D pattern or 3D pattern, and the 3D pattern is more stereoscopic and colorful. The soft PVC luggage tag is in a beautiful color, no fading, no deformation, it is very soft and can be folded at will, and is widely used due to its low cost of material and production.

Why choose soft PVC luggage tag?

The cost of metal luggage tag is more expensive than other material’s luggage tag. The metal luggage tag is very thin, deformable, and easy to hurt people and suitcases.

The high cost of PU luggage tag is because most of its production process is done manually. It is easy to fade and be scratched. It tends to rot and fade when soaked by rain or water.

The hard PVC luggage tag is made by injection molding, it only can be printed simple printing and pasting pattern, and its style is too monotonous. Because it is very thin and brittle, it is easy to break by a bump against. Since most of the process of PU is manual, the prices PU luggage tag will be more expensive.

While the soft PVC luggage tag is made of glue process, the process is simple, and the soft PVC luggage is durable, the color is bright, and the style is numerous. Currently, only soft PVC luggage tag made by 2D pattern or 3D pattern is the cheapest in the market. PU luggage tag and hard PVC luggage tag do not have 2D and 3D processes, and metal luggage tag made by 2D and 3D process is expensive. These characteristics that the most commonly used on the market is the soft PVC luggage tag.

The main purpose of the luggage tag

The back of the luggage tag is similar to the card package, which can put the card with personal information in it. The transparent card can protect the information card from being scratched, and it is waterproofing.

The luggage tag is one way to identify your luggage, which is the business card of your luggage. It is a valid proof for the customer to gain the luggage, and it is a good reminder that people should not take the wrong things. Preventing the loss of luggage, even if something is lost, it can be quickly retrieved with a luggage tag, which is very convenient. It is more convenient for the management of travel agencies and airports.

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