Have no medal design ideas or spirits? Want to design by yourself? Have much free time?

1 minute to make your own medal! Motivate your design spirit and enjoy design of fun. 

Click the right blue button on the custom medals page to start: Free Design + Quote.   

The article will talk about the following things.

Step 1: Know Short Online Design System Guide

Step 2: Select Medal Art Choice

Step 3: Start to Design Your Medals Online

Step 4: Select Custom Medal Metal Finish

Step 5: Select Custom Medal Options

Step 6: Get Price and Submit Your Medal Inquiry or Order

FAQ about GSJJ Custom Medal Online Design System

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Step 1: Know Short Online Design System Guide

This is the first short introduction. It means that you will design your medals easily by GS-JJ online design system.

  • If you click the yellow button – LET’S START. You will see a short guide about our custom medal online design system.
  • If you choose “skip”on the top right corner. You will skip these guides and enter step 2 directly.

GSJJ Custom Medal Online Design System Guides
GSJJ Custom Medal Online Design System Guides

Step 2: Select Medal Art Choices

You need to make a choice because we offer 2 ways for you to create.

  • If you are a designer or have your own medal design, please choose the left button – Upload Your Picture. You can crop and adjust your image. Of course, you can also upload on the picture part later.
  • If you have no idea about your medals, please choose the right button – Select A Template. We offer massive medal templates for you to design.

On the left, there are some choices for you to filter within few seconds.

1. Category – Running Medals, Military Medals, Scholastic Medals, Soccer Medals, etc.

2. Shape – Circle, Square, Rectangle, Ellipse, Triangle, etc.

3. Loop – Tabs A, Tabs B, Tabs C, and Tabs D.

4. Figure – Sportsman, Kids, Soldier, Policeman, Firefighter.

5. Flag – National Flas, State Flag and Other Flag.

6. Common elements – Balls, Shoes, Skull, Wing, Wreath, Shield, Bicycle, Cross, etc.

Medal Art Choices
Medal Art Choices
Upload Picture
Upload Picture
Massive Custom Medal Templates
Massive Custom Medal Templates

Step 3: Start to Design Your Medals Online

Choose your favorite medal template and start to design. On the left, you can see some parts as follows.

  • Templates: you can choose one from these medal templates.
  • My templates: you will see your saved templates if you sign in.
  • My symbol: you will see your saved symbols if you sign in.
  • Add symbol: you can pick up your favorite symbol to add.
  • Add text: you can fill in curved text or linear text.
  • Upload: you can upload your image directly.
  • Layers: you can adjust texts, images or else on the templates. When you choose each layer on the left, there are some changes on the right of the page and you can adjust them, such as text rotation, edit color, replace symbols, etc.
  • Drawing: it is a simple drawing function. You can draw here casually.

Notes: if you finish your design, you can choose to save it and you will see it next time. Or you can click the green button on the bottom of the page – NEXT (To choose different medal finish).

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Replace Texts or Symbols
Replace Texts or Symbols

Step 4: Select Custom Medal Metal Finish

At our design system, we offer 9 medal platings for you to make your own medals online. You can click the different platings on the right to preview your medal design.

Moreover, if you do not how to choose medal platings, you can choose ”help me” and leave your comment, our designers will try our best to help you within 24 hours.

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Select Custom Medal Plating
Select Custom Medal Plating

Step 5: Select Custom Medal Options

After you choose medal plating, there is some other information that you need to select.

  • Select Medal Style

1. Antique Medals – old style. ( If you choose antique platings like antique gold, antique brass, antique silver and antique copper)

2. Shiny & Sandblast Medals – attractive style. ( If you choose shiny platings like shiny gold, shiny brass, shiny silver and shiny copper)

3. Soft Enamel Medals – bumpy surface. (If you choose any medal platings)

4. Hard Enamel Medals – smooth surface. (If you choose any medal platings)

5. UV Printed Medals – photo-realistic and vivid image. (If you choose any medal platings)

  • Select Medal Size

We offer 9 standard medal sizes, ranging from 1.5” to 5”. If you have other requirements in customizing medals, please contact us. In general, we can do it in any size.

  • Select Medal Mold Options

2D or 3D mold is based on your medal design. If there is a design on the backing of your medal, this will result in 5 choices for you.

1. 2D One Sided Medal

2. 3D One Sided Medal

3. 2D Two Sided Medal

4. 3D Two Sided Medal

5. 2D & 3D Two Sided Medal

Notes: Mold Fee will be charged, but we will keep your mold for 2 years. So if you haven’t changed your design within 2 years, we won’t charge it if you make an order again.

  • Color Numbers of Your Logo

We offer free 4 colors or less. If your design has too many colors, we will charge it at the unit price.

  • Select Loop of Medal

We offer 4 medal loops for you. Both are free. Tabs A is popular.

  • Select Medal Ribbons Size

We offer 1” and 1.5” medal ribbon with your logo. Dye-sublimated ribbons are available here. They are soft and smooth medal ribbons, which are popular.

  • Medal Engraving Option

If you want to add some info on the back of medals, you can choose it.

1. Laser engraving: a light color.

2. deep engraving: a deep color with color filled.

  • Select Medal Package

We offer 4 standard medal packages for you. In general, polybag is common and free. Velour box, velour pouch and plastic box are available at GS-JJ. Of course, if you want other packages like a wooden box, please contact us.

  • Select Production Time with Discount

If you want to get a discount, you can try it. If you want to get a rush order, please tell us.

Medal discounts as follows:

1. – 7 working days FAST Production + 2 days Shipping, No discount –

2. – 15 working days Production + 2 days Shipping, 10% discount for unit price –

3. – 20 working days Production + 2 days Shipping, 20% discount for unit price –

4. – 30 working days for any quantity + shipped by Sea, Cheapest 30% discount for unit price –

  • Fill in Medal Quantity

We offer custom medals no minimum. So if you have a small quantity of medals, come here and you are in the right place.

Select Custom Medals Options
Select Custom Medals Options

Step 6: Get Price and Submit Medal Inquiry or Order

Click the yellow button – Get Price. And you will get a price list. And then you can submit your inquiry or order based on your needs. The rest leave us!

Get Your Custom Medals Price List
Get Your Custom Medals Price List

FAQ about GSJJ Custom Medal Online Design System

Q: Can I make personalized medals like spin medals, flip medals, glitter medals or else by your online design system?

Yes, you can. Although you can’t design on one picture, you can design and save all artwork on your templates, and then tell our designers your other idea.

For example: If you want to design glitter medals with 2 sides, 3 steps to follow.

1. Draw 2 medal designs on our system.

2. Save them on your own template.

3. Leave a comment and tell our designers that you want to add glitter powder to your medal.

So simple, right? Or you can email us. So you don’t need to worry about personalized medals.

Q: Which image type do you accept?

We accepted file types as follows (The file size cannot exceed 2M):


Q: If I want to change my design, what should I do?

Don’t worry. If you haven’t approved your medal art proof, you can revise it without limitations. Email us and tell us your requirement.

Q: If I have an urgent thing to do, what should I do about my medal design that I made?

Save it on the template if you sign in. And you can edit it the next time.

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