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Features of GS-JJ Automated Quotation System

1. 30 seconds to make a medal order

2. Details about each medal choice

3. One-stop assured and comfortable customer service 

Any Occasions for Your Custom Award Medals

We make medals for any occasion such as organizations, clubs, associations, schools, races, military departments, religious, etc.

How to Make Your Own Medals with GS-JJ Automated Quotation System?

Step 1: Select Medal Styles

We offer 5 common custom medals for you. Each medal has its own feature.

1. Custom Antique Medals

They are an old style and vintage fashion. They use antique plating. Of course, you can add color to your vintage medals, they will be more exquisite.

2. Custom Shiny & Sandblast Medals

They are attractive and eye-catching. You can’t help but look at it a little more. They use shiny plating. Sometimes, adding color on them is also a fabulous choice.

3. Custom Soft Enamel Medals

These medals are very popular and cost-effective. Because it can use any plating. They have a bumpy surface. The color is colored within the metal line. If you want to get personalized medals, you can use 3d or glitter powder to make your medals stand out.

4. Custom Hard Enamel Medals

These medals are a little expensive. They have a smooth surface when you touch them. They are delicate at your events.

5. Custom UV Printed Medals

UV printed medals are a fast way to make your medals online. It uses digital printing to make your medals. The patterns will be photo-realistic. It is very suitable for someone that needs a small quantity of medals or rush medals.

Other personalized medals are available at GS-JJ. These unique medals can be mixed with the above crafts. For instance, you can design soft enamel glitter medals.

1. Custom Glitter Medals

Glitter Medals are featured medallions. Adding glitter powder on some featured logos or patterns to highlight them is amazing. We offer 100+ glitter powders for you to pick up.

2. Custom Bottle Opener Medals

Bottle opener medals are economic medallions. You can cheer up after your finish your races. Isn’t it exciting? Have a try, it is unbelievable!

3. Custom Spin Medals

Spin medals are divided into 2 parts, and the inner part is spinning and the outside part is fixed.

4. Custom Rhinestone Medals

If you like rhinestone, you can add on your medals. The rhinestone can be big or small, which depends on your medal design.

5. Custom 3D Medals

3D is a very common medal design. It is 360°stereo perception. In the running medals, they are as far as you can see.

You design, we make it. How to get them? Just email us or leave your comments on the checkout page.

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Step 2: Select Medal Sizes

We offer 9 standard sizes for you. The biggest size is 5”, and the smaller size is 1.5”. The smaller size is suitable for kids’ race while the bigger size is suitable for adult’ events. Of course, if you want to get other sizes, contact us. We can make it.

Step 3: Select Mold Option

We have 5 mold options for you. It depends on your medal design whether is one side or two sides. The mold is mainly classified into 2D mold and 3D mold.

1. 2D One Side Medal

2. 3D One Side Medal

3. 2D Two Sided Medal

4. 3D Two Sided Medal

5. 2D & 3D Two Sided Medal

Step 4: Select Metal Finish

Over 10 medal plating are available here. We can divide it into the following parts.

1. Antique Plating For Antique Medals: Antique Gold/ Antique Brass/ Antique Silver/ Antique Copper

2. Shiny Plating For All Medals: Shiny Gold/ Shiny Brass/ Shiny Silver/ Shiny Copper/ Shiny Black Nickel

3. Personalized Medal Plating for Shiny and Enamel Medals: Rainbow Plating/ Two-tone Finish( gold+silver finish)

4. Dye Color for Custom Enamel Medals: Dye Black/ Dye Pink/ Dye Blue/ Dye Purple, etc

If you are confused about plating color in customizing medals, you can browse here: What is the Difference about Colors in Custom Medals?

Step 5: Select Color

We offer 4 free colors for you. Of course, if your medal design is complex and uses many colors, we can make it but you need pay for it.

Step 6: Select Ribbon Size

We offer 1” and 1.5” medal ribbon. You can add your logo to the custom medal ribbon. We also have a kind of soft dye sublimated medal ribbon, which will be charged.

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Step 7: Select Loop of Medal

We prepare 4 loops for your medals – circle loop, trapezoidal loop, rectangular loop and backing loop, which correspons with the Tabs A, B, C, D.

Step 8: Select Engraving Option

Generally speaking, we will use electronic spark and add GS-JJ logo. We also offer laser engraving and deep engraving with color. You can add some text on the back of the medal.

Step 9: Select Package

Picking up an appropriate package for your medal is necessary. On the one hand, it can protect your medals well. On the other hand, it can show your medals well. If you need other medal packages, please contact us.

1. Polybag

2. Velour Pouch

3. Plastic Box

4. Velour Box

Step 10: Select Quantity

Custom medals no minimum at GS-JJ. Because we consider some customers who have a small quantity of medals.

Step 11: Select Production and Shipping Time

We have 4 choices for you and each has the corresponding discount. YES! We hope you don’t miss it. We offer free shipping.

1. – 7 working days FAST Production + 2 days Shipping, No discount –

2. – 15 working days Production + 2 days Shipping, 10% discount for unit price –

3. – 20 working days Production + 2 days Shipping, 20% discount for unit price –

4. – 30 working days for any quantity + shipped by Sea, Cheapest 30% discount for unit price –

FAQ about Custom Medals

Q: Are you free artwork and proof?

Yes, we are. You can get your free artwork and revise it without limitations.

Q: Can I get medal samples before or after I order?

No, you can’t. Although you can’t get real medals, we can offer digital photos for you. And after you order, we also offer digital photos or videos for you to confirm. It will save a lot of time.

Q: How can I know which medal is the one that I need?

You can learn more from the medals page. Or contact our customer service team to help you.

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When you choose these options in 30 seconds and place an order, the rest work is up to us. We will try our best to make your medals quickly and perfectly.

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