When you see this title, you might wondering what is “Travel Frog”. About in February 2018, there is a mobile game called “Travel Frog” in the internet in China. This game was researched and developed by a Japanese company.

The main character is a little lovely frog. Your mission is give him food to prevent starving and pack his luggage because he would go on a journey when you’re not looking. He will wear his lotus leaf hat and take his package. In the game, there is a currency made by clover, it could buy the food and goods. When this little frog staying home, you can just watched him sleeping, eating, whittling or painting. Actually you just can’t play with him, you are not having interact with him. After his traveling, he would bring you some special local products and the photos. When he was traveling outside, there were some his friends, such as snail, bee and butterfly that would visit. You should give them the special local products that your little frog brought you. Even more interesting thing is that the frog would write a letter that send to you when he was traveling.


In Japan, the game “Travel Frog” also gathered some popularity. The main crowd of the game player are girls. Actually it seem like a boring game, but why can we see the picture everywhere around our circle of friends? There is a even more unbelievable thing that this game was hot on the search on weibo. To be honest, we can more or less feel the loneliness deep inside the heart from most people nowadays. I believe that all of you would not know what is the meaning of the frog in Japan. It means “go home”, meanwhile frog is also a mascot to protect the commerce thrive. Japanese will take a frog as a amulet when they go on a trip. The creator of this game said that the deep meaning of this game is pray kinsfolk can early return. According to local ethos, this game just like raise the women’s husband. Because their husband usually be on a business, and they will bring some special local products and photos when they return home.

Nowadays, young people have lots of things to deal with, no matter in career or personal life. Many people live through a hectic life. Therefore, the game make the impossible in reality become possible. The most affecting part of this game is show us this is the real life, we must live simply and diligently.

You can see our product Travel Frog Custom Made Patches just like the young person carry a small backpack leave home and explore the world. The needlework on this patches just like your mother knit a sweater when you were a child. Show you the world’s bright-coloured, finally come back to be your side. The faith of this game just as well as Travel Frog Custom Made Patches. We want to deliver that patches you bring by your side also have a faith. As long as you believe, there will be belief in everything.

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