2020 Tokyo Olympic Games is coming soon. It is reported that Olympic Games medals will be made by recycling electronic rubbishes. These rubbishes will come from old mobile phones, old computers, etc. The organizers said they are expected to complete their targets in March. Among the collected metals, the organizer has collected 90% of the target gold and 85% of the silver in October 2018. As early as June 2018, the conference had collected enough copper.

This action has surprised people all over the world which is unprecedented in the history of Olympic Games. This project not only shows the strong environmental awareness of the Japanese people, but also proves that they have the superb technology needed for extracting precious metals from what would otherwise be garbage. I believe Tokyo Olympic Games medals will be the most meaningful medals in the history of the Olympic Games. Let’s take a look at following  superior custom coins.

1. Tokyo Olympic Custom Silver Coins

Although the design of the Tokyo Olympic Games medals still has not yet been released, the following custom silver coins had displayed the scenes of the Olympic hand-over ceremony. The front side of custom coins shows the flag of the Olympic and Paralympic games, embraced by cherry blossoms and the ipê-amarelo-da-Serra tree, representing Brazil. It means the current host city hands over the Olympic flag to the upcoming host city which symbolizing the beginning of the next Olympiad and Paralympian. It also symbolizes the Olympic Games spirit will be passed on in the future. The backside displays badges of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games for 2020. Perhaps these kinds of silver custom coins are manufactured by recycling electronic rubbishes. Can you accept and collect the following custom coins if you are an environmentalist?

Tokyo Olympic Custom Silver Coins
Tokyo Olympic Custom Silver Coins

2. 2016 Rio Olympic Games Custom Coins

These two elegant custom challenge coins were released by Spain and Brazil, which marks the Summer Olympic Games held in Rio de Janeiro. The design of gold coins depicts two ancient Greece athletes who are relaying the games’ torch which is inspired by the ancient games of Mount Olympus. The pattern on silver coins shows different competitive game scenes in the ancient Olympic Games. The logo of the Spanish Olympic Committee in color is so obvious that it can attract your attention easily. This Olympiad was the first held on South American since the start of modern games. Idea for your collection for anyone interested in the Olympics.

2016 Rio Olympic Games Custom Coins
2016 Rio Olympic Games Custom Coins

3. Sports Silver Custom Coins

The first design depicts Golf, which is returning to the games after 112 years. The image shows a male golfer with a torch in the foreground.

The next one represents the Triathlon which appears for the 5th time in 2016 and shows a swimmer transforming into a cyclist, who in turn transforms into a runner, illustrating the three disciplines. A map of Brazil can be seen in the background.

Both precious customize coins are available with the two ribbons in vivid color, representing both the Brazilian flag and British flag, making these coins a wonderful tribute to what is sure to be a colorful Olympic Games.

Sports Silver Custom Coins
Sports Silver Custom Coins

4.2012 London Olympics Commemorative Coins

The following custom commemorative coins are released in 2010 in order to celebrate the arrival of the 2012 London Olympic Games. The Peter Rabbit one shows the figure of the rabbit. It displays the lovely cartoon character is blowing a horn which seems like a motivating sportsman. ‘All touched by a common genius’ should be the best interpret of this spirit.

The Stonehenge one shows the part of Stonehenge scenery. ‘Great things are done when men and mountains meet’ perhaps implies athletes need to overcome incredible sporting challenges to create miracles, while at the same time alluding to the neolithic monument itself. Do you attracted by these series Olympics commemorative coins?

2012 London Olympics Commemorative Coins
2012 London Olympics Commemorative Coins

Do you like watching the Olympic Games? Do you take fancy to these exquisite custom coins? Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more.







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