What is a Sticker Book?

Sticker Book is a kind of gamebook, usually, through the way of a blank screen, the sticker content to complement the screen, so as to improve the ability of cognition, classification, hand-eye collaboration, has a strong hands-on and interactive.

The Benefits of Sticker Books

  1. Exercise fine movements and hand-eye coordination
  2. Cultivate the ability of observation and logical thinking
  3. Cultivate children’s concentration and improve their attention
  4. Stimulate children’s imagination and creativity
  5. Enhance children’s perception of color and external objects
  6. Integrate daily cognitive content to satisfy children’s thirst for knowledge and exploration

The Classification of Sticker Books

  1. Divided by Age

Sticker books are more common at ages 1-3 (including 1-2 years); 2-3 years); Age 3-6.

  1. Divided by Material

Paper stickers are the most common sticker materials for sticker books. They include ordinary paper stickers and paper stickers with handles, among which paper stickers with handles are more resistant to tearing. PVC electrostatic film sticker can be used repeatedly; this kind of sticker is suitable for kindergartens and places with many children or families. Compared with other types of sticker books, the flannelette book has many disadvantages. First of all, the flannelette book is not sticky enough, which is easy to fall off. Second, its color is lighter, which is not attractive enough. 3D bubble wrap can be used many times, but not repeatedly.

  1. Divided by Content

Open sticker book: it can be pasted any way you like and pasted in various ways. It doesn’t need to be pasted in the designated area.

Divided by ContentDivided by Content sticker book

Fill in the blank sticker book: according to the outline of the blank on the picture, the child will judge and find the corresponding sticker to stick in the designated area or according to the text prompt, in order to complement the text, the content of the vacancy to fill the complete.

Fill in the blank sticker booksticker book

What Kind of Sticker Book is Suitable for Children of Different Ages?

Age 1-2 (Enlightenment/Budding)

Children in this age group need to improve their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. At this age, playing with paper stickers is easy to tear the stickers due to the lack of control of hand power, so it is more suitable for playing with PVC electrostatic film stickers, paper stickers with handles. The advantage of these two kinds of stickers is that no matter how you rub and bite the PVC static sticker, it won’t break. The handle sticker can be easily removed after the handle is folded in half. Although it is more resistant to tearing than ordinary paper stickers, it will still break. Open sticker books can be more than just sticker books; you can buy some high-quality custom stickers related to sticker book themes.

Age 2-3

Children between the ages of two and three become more interested in pasting stickers and as their fine motor skills improve, so do their requirements for sticker books. At this stage, paper stickers are mainly used. Depending on each child’s situation, there is an option to introduce paper fill-in-the-blank stickers. Fill-in-the-blank stickers have higher requirements for eye coordination. Usually, this kind of sticker book has the characteristics of teaching through lively activities. In the process of playing sticker games, it can achieve purposes of things cognition, picture thinking; hand-brain coordination, and so on.

Age 3-4

In this stage, paper stickers are mainly used, supplemented by PVC electrostatic film stickers and magnetic stickers. The disadvantage of paper stickers is that they can only be played with once and the use cycle is very short. The drawback of paper stickers is that they discourage children from having fun. At this time, PVC electrostatic film stickers and magnetic stickers can play an advantage.

Age 4 and Above

At this age, parents can choose sticker books based on their children’s favorite themes without having to worry about the content or material of the sticker book. For example, children like to play the imagination of the open sticker book, then buy PVC electrostatic film sticker book, magnetic sticker book; If the child likes challenging fill-in-the-blank stickers, they can choose paper stickers with a higher degree of difficulty (3-6 years old /4-5 years old). Boys like cars. They can buy stickers with car themes. Girls like cute things, and like to do manual, that can consider 3D bubble stickers, EVA Mosaic stickers.

Sticker books have different themes and therefore have different effects on children. For example, they can exercise children’s cognition of Colors and Numbers. Parents need to understand the needs of their children at each age and buy sticker books with specific themes. Sticker books must be non-toxic for young children, and sticker books must have high-quality custom stickers. Our company as a professional sticker manufacturer can solve this problem for parents. We don’t just make stickers, we also have a variety of sticker products, if you want to buy a sticker book for your kids, just contact us. Our email address is info@gs-jj.com.


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