The Lapel Pins are very popular nowadays. The students often wear their school’s Lapel Pins on their school uniform. The government staff often wear the Lapel Pins of their department on their uniforms. The members of the community also often wear their Lapel Pins on their garments. Others, such as the clerks of stores, the workers of factories, and the soldiers of the army, have their own Lapel Pins pinning on their lapels or their hats.

Christian Lapel Pins


The purpose of these Lapel Pins is to make it easy to distinguish different property of people, to make it clear at a glance that these people belong to which group and to help them know the people in their own group, so as to achieve considerable connection.

purpose of these Lapel Pins


Christians should also wear the Lapel Pins. On the one hand, the Lapel Pins enables the world to see and recognize you as the Disciples of Christ. On the other hand, when you meet other Christians, the Lapel Pins enables you to know that you are both Christian so that you can obtain a considerable connection to help and care for each other. You are united in your efforts to resist the enemies of the sky, the devil, and the attack of this evil world.

God has already told you that his disciples should wear some Lapel Pins. Listen to his teachings: “I give you a new commandment to love each other, and as the way I love you, so shall you love the others in the same way. If you love each other, you and the other disciples will know that you are my disciples.”


Then how to make your own Christian Lapel Pins?

If you haven’t done this before, what should you know?

These are things you wish you had known before you started creating your custom pins:


  • 2.  Choose the colors you prefer to: Check out the Pantone Dictionary to pick those colors easier.


  • 3.  Artwork: Tell the designers about your design concept and the elements you want to select, then designers will finish the artwork for you without limitation of revision until you are satisfied.

design concept


  • 4.   Time: It takes about 1-2 weeks after payment is received and the artwork is approved for the Custom Enamel Pins to be produced and shipped to your address.


I believe you have already known the process of the Custom Enamel Pins. If you still have no idea about the design of the Christian Lapel Pins, you could refer to below design sketches.


design sketchesdesign sketches


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Dear Saints, when you wear the Christian Lapel Pins and learn the “to love each other” lessons, it is important to note that everyone should try to love others, should not try to be loved by others; it is always up to you to love others, and it is the grace to be loved by others.

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