challenge coins with metallic enamel
challenge coins with metallic enamel

We all know colorful items are always fresh and attract our attention at first sight, same as challenge coins with enamel options.


Besides die struck challenge coins without any color, soft enamel and hard enamel coins with painted colors are popular for challenge coin design and customization.


Do you know some special shiny enamel options for custom coins? As a professional challenge coin maker, GS-JJ mainly offers metallic enamel, glitter and glow options on coins design. All of them can make your piece as unique of art!


Metallic Enamel

Metallic enameled coins
Metallic enameled coins

When we want to make enameled challenge coins, metallic enamel option is still a great way to upgrade the appearance of coins. It will make them look delicate and shiny under light.

Metallic enamel coins
Metallic enamel

The metallic enamel option mainly includes metallic gold and metallic silver, and the effect of metallic enamel is also called sandblasting. It is applied on custom coins after plated, and makes the coin’s surface seems like as matte effect, special and shiny. This option is popular and with low cost for any crafts.


Glitter enamel

glitter powder options
glitter powder options

The glitter makes bright, sparkling light. When we want to give something a glittering appearance, then glitter powder may be our first choice to enamel the object.

Glitter nail polish
Glitter nail

Glitter is so dazzling and widely used for many cosmetic fields. The bling-bling nail polish process will choose it as material when need shiny appearance. Even some challenge coins and lapel pins will be displayed more shiny and outstanding, we can pick the proper glitter powder.



Lapel pins with glitter powder
Lapel pins with glitter powder

Various colors of glitter powder are available for custom coins, such as pink, blue, red and more. The glitter enamel could give those coins more unique and flashy look than the rest with not, beautiful sparkle enamel image and background to catch our eyes.

Challenge coins with glitter blue powder
Challenge coins with glitter blue powder

Put glitter powder on challenge coins is affordable and shiny way, if you have limited budget. More information about glitter powder CLICK HERE.


Glow enamel

glowing pins

Anything can glow in the dark is so interesting and collectible.

More often, we would like to create lapel pins glow in the dark, they have amazing effect and view under the light. Glow enamel options are available for wonderful items or any other collection, you can know it from the above picture. More details about glowing lapel pins CLICK HERE.

Glowing Challenge coin
Glowing Challenge

Challenge coins with glow enamel will be shiny in the dark, you can make symbol or icon glow on both sides. This challenge coin with glow option is indeed a unique addition to any collector.

By the way, Green light is the common glow option for us. And the glow enamel option may have higher cost than other options, and the effect of glowing long lasting.


These three enamel options are popular craft to customize challenge coins. Each option can help make our coins more unique and outstanding, choose the style you like!

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