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Eagle Challenge Coins for Sale
Eagle Challenge Coins for Sale
1.75" Antique Eagle Challenge Coins with 3D Crafts, Polished with Antique Silver Finish.
Milwaukee Police Challenge Coins
Milwaukee Police Challenge Coins
1.5" Dual plating challenge coins with rope edges, polished with gold finish.
PCP Custom Challenge Coins
PCP Custom Challenge Coins
1.75" Layered Sandblast PCP Custom Challenge Coins, Polished with Gold Finish.
Fire Police Challenge Coins
Fire Police Challenge Coins
1.75" Soft enamel coins, designed with cross cut edge and polished with silver finish.
Shallowater Police Challenge Coins
Shallowater Police Challenge Coins
1.9" Soft Enamel 3D Police Coins with Rope Edge, Polished with Silver Finish.
SRT Challenge Coins for Sale
SRT Challenge Coins for Sale
1.9" Soft Enamel SRT Challenge Coins for Sale, Polished with Gold Finish.
Sheriff Custom Challenge Coins
Sheriff Custom Challenge Coins
2" Soft enamel coins, polished with silver finish.
Oregon National Guard Challenge Coins
Oregon National Guard Challenge Coins
2" Soft enamel coins with 3D design, polished with with gold finish.
EUCLID Captain Police Custom Coins
EUCLID Captain Police Custom Coins
1.7" Soft enamel coins, polished with gold finish.
Buffalo Police Custom Challenge Coins
Buffalo Police Custom Challenge Coins
1.6" Soft enamel coins, polished with antique bronze finish.
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What are Police Challenge Coins?

pcp custom coins

Police challenge coins are based on challenge coins that the United States military has carried with them for nearly a century.

Those police officers are a vital part of our safety and security in our communities. They risk their lives every time to protect their fellow citizens. And our police challenge coins are a perfect way to honor the brave and dedicated police officers who try their best to protect and serve citizens.

These types of challenge coins are also usually given as a symbol of appreciation or identification for certain unit members to boost some moral virtues.

        How to Design Police Challenge Coins?

How to Design Police Challenge Coins


● We take great pride in making these police challenge coins to convey a big sense of depth ness through techniques craft to make challenge coins, for example, using three-dimensional molding, cut-outs, acrylic coatings, and dual plating. SEE MORE >>


Challenge coins for police officers can vary widely in diameter and thickness and are custom made coins according to the specifications of your department. SEE MORE >>

                    Proper Shape
& Plating

● Round coin shapes are still the most traditional and most popular coins we produce, but the reality is police challenge coins are available in custom sizes and shapes, from square or oval to coins resembling dog tags. SEE MORE >>


● There are a variety of edges options to make the police challenge coin a unique item. But special edges options like rope cut, spur, oblique line, bevel cut, and diamond cross-cut are details that can be given a special touch to your coin design. SEE MORE >>


● As a professional coins maker with 20 years of rich experience, GS-JJ offers clear PVC envelopes for free in every order to have a basic presentation option. That's probably what you need if you are handing out a lot of police sheriff challenge coins in a special event. SEE MORE >>

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Why are Police Challenge Coins So Popular?

Just like military coins, police coins are also used to thank and honor those brave people who serve our nation and people. They keep the street safe and protect the lives of the citizens by risking their own. They are truly the heroes who are not appreciated enough for their contribution to society. There are various ways in which people show their gratitude towards these exceptional people, such as custom medals or custom coins. Here are a few of them.

They Recognize the Best.

Undoubtedly, every police officer plays an important role in keeping a city, town, and community safe. Police challenge coins are a great way for the police departments (PDs) to recognize such officers. The positive impact they leave behind in their wake is recognized by the department by awarding them challenge coins.

Police honor guard challenge coins thus become a mark of excellence. Carrying an honor challenge coin becomes a matter of pride. This is not only a big boost to their morale but also helps in inspiring other young officers in the department. The pride and honor that accompany the coin encourage healthy competition among the officers.


They Evoke Camaraderie Feeling.

Carrying police custom challenge coins of your department is like carrying a part of your department with you. Police Officers from every department have a unique challenge coin that stays with them. These coins then become a legacy. They are passed down by officers in challenges or as a symbol of respect.

A coin represents one PD and the officers that represent it. The coin then becomes a strong bond that all of them share. They create a sense of brotherhood among the officers from the same PD and this is the emotion that encourages them to give their 100% to a tough, challenging, and dangerous job.

They are Different.

Police challenge coins are a creative and innovative way of thanking the police officers for their duty. They keep reminding them that they are an indispensable part of society and that they are deeply appreciated. They are a gesture that will always be remembered. Getting a coin commissioned specially for you is a milestone.

Unlike awards or honors which hang on the walls or are tucked on a uniform, these coins can be carried around by the recipient wherever they go. They can reminisce about the good old times and be proud of their service by looking down at the coin, anywhere and anytime. So, police challenge badges are definitely different.


Highly Useful for Fundraisers.

Fundraisers are hugely important for police departments across the country. The money collected from the police department fundraisers usually takes care of the maintenance and operations of the department.

Custom police challenge coins can become a big asset here. Departments can choose a good design and get custom made coins for a particular fundraiser.

You will need a good service that not only provides great designs but is also able to execute that design on a coin. The uniqueness of the coins and the incredible first impression they leave attract many takers. Police challenge coins for sale at such fundraisers rake up a lot of money.

Appeal to Collectors.

These custom challenge coins are usually commissioned by local PDs to commemorate an event, to honor a fellow valiant officer, or for fundraisers. These police challenge coins are highly valued by the individuals and families that receive them. They are passed down in families as an heirloom even. So, there are not a lot of police department challenge coins for sale available freely in the market.

Collectors always keep an eye on such custom challenge coins to hit the market, so that they can snag them. Police challenge coins are a part of the local area’s history and nature the police challenge coins make for a good collector’s item.


They are Durable.

Police challenge coins are popular for a lot of reasons. The custom challenge coins will become a part of someone’s life. An important part that the police challenge coin holder is going to cherish for a long time. So, it goes without saying that they should be built to last. The PD should make sure that they hire a supplier that can promise a durable and high-quality material for the coins.

High-quality material does not always translate to expensive. It is possible to get custom coins cheaply and within the budget of the organization. Challenge coins can serve a lot of purposes. They are a treasure to the one who receives them and therefore, they should be created with care.

Why Choose GS-JJ?

100% Satisfaction

100% Satisfaction

Here at GS-JJ.com, we just want to have the opportunity to assist you to create your own collection of civilian challenge coins and police challenge coins for trade for your group or association. Your satisfaction is our motivation.

Rich Experience

Rich Experience

We have been making police officer coins for over 20 years and have a team of highly specialized craftsmen who take incredible pride in creating the most conventional to state-of-the-art designs for police challenge coins that are ordered by our customers.

Best Price

Best Price

We don’t request the minimum order quantity for your police challenge coins. And we will provide free medal designs for you. Besides, we will offer you the related discounts according to the different lead times as you can see from our medal quote system. Everything we do is to save custom challenge coins cost for you.

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