Thursday 17th January 2019

Dear Diary,

A few days ago, The committee gave me a task to purchase some custom medals within a limited budget. Their only requirement is unique and personalized. I was happy but a little worried. Personalized is a broad meaning. How can I make sure that my custom medals are personalized? I asked a lot of custom company and I have some ideas from GS-JJ company.

At first, I just said what I wanted about my custom medals and told them that I had a limited budget. Then, I asked them: ” is there any way to personalize my medals?”. I knew that it was maybe difficult for many companies. After all, the budget was limited. However, the suggestions that they gave me made me believe that everything is possible.

If being personalized, there are two main ways to get. It’s not about complex design but a combination of 4 materials and 5 crafts. YES! They told me.

A) 3 Materials Combination

Usually, metal is a wonderful material to make medals, glass is second, and wooden is last. By and large, single material is chosen for producing medals because people always think that simplicity is beauty. But why not break the pattern?

        a) Metal + Wooden


The metal and wooden combination is inlaid.

Advantages: Environmental, short manufacture cycle, and Personalized

Disadvantages: Easy to be corrosive in wet conditions.

       b) Metal + Glass


The metal and glass combination is like a strip of mild steel.

Advantages: Soft, Shiny and Personalized

Disadvantages: fragile when being thrown.

 B) 6 Crafts Combination

The second way to make custom medals is to combine different crafts. The 5 crafts are soft enamel crafts, hard enamel crafts, 3D/cut out Crafts, Antique Crafts, Sandblast/ Shiny Crafts, and Printing.

      a) Soft Enamel with 3D/ Cut-out

Feature: Colorful and third dimension


Example: 3D 5K Custom Race Medals From GS-JJ


      b) Antique with Soft Enamel

Feature: Retro style with a bit of amazing


Example: The Paediatric Society Custom Medals From GS-JJ

The Paediatric Society Custom Medals

     c) Sandblast/Shiny With Soft Enamel

Feature: Shiny and matte texture


Example: Muskoka River X Race Medals From GS-JJ

Muskoka River X Race Medals

    d) Soft Enamel with Printing

Feature: Waterproof


Example: Raw Nationals Powerlifting Medals From GS-JJ

Raw Nationals Powerlifting Medals

       e) Antique with 3D/CUT OUT

Feature: Protruding Logo or Pattern


Example: 3D Scotdance Custom Medals From GS-JJ

3D Scotdance Custom Medals

       f) Hard Enamel with Cut-out

Feature: Smooth



hard-enamel-with-cut-out sample

All in all, most processes can be combined with each other. But, like hard enamel and 3D crafts, they cannot combine each other because their requirement is different for level.

I was pleased that I needn’t choose the special design like folded medals because each one has an expensive price. I really thanked that GS-JJ helps me and gave me inspiration. Therefore, I placed an order here. In addition, it was worth mentioning that they were very patient with my question. That’s probably what good customer service was! I will order personalized medals again at GS-JJ in the future!



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