Animal shelters around the world are nearly full and nobody adoptions, but pet stores have been selling out. With many arguing that the animals of shelter are unhealthy and unlovable. So they prefer to buy a pet at a high price at the store which leads to more and more pets in the shelter.

Adopted and purchased animals are just as cute and healthy. These little guys aren’t as bad as you think they are! Someone did an experiment before, they put the shelter animals in the pet shop and didn’t tell the customers that they were the shelter animals, and they let people get it for free, and pretty soon the shelter animals were gone. Why do you think the difference is so great? People only saw the appearance of the animals and were attracted by their cute looks.

In fact, you can’t always tell the difference between a breeder in pet shops. It would be more reliable to choose a rescue agency or an animal protection center at this time. If you don’t know why adoption is more reliable, the following reasons should convince you.


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1. You can save a life from euthanasia

Millions of animals are euthanized every year. Stray animals are euthanized if they are not adopted 11 days after entering shelters in countries such as Taiwan and Japan. Many stray pets are abandoned by humans for various reasons. In order to avoid the disorderly reproduction of stray animals, these innocent animals have to be culled. So, if you adopt a pet, you save a life from this cruel system.


2. You can have a healthy pet

When you buy a pet, you can’t tell whether a pet store or a breeding farm is a good deal. You might buy a sick animals from the dealers. Most aid agencies or shelters vaccinate your adopted pets, sterilize them and most are adult pets, so you can make sure the most of the health of the pets you bring home.


3. It’s relatively cheap

Buying a pet can sometimes be a big expense, especially for some popular breeds. Adopting a pet is relatively cheaper than buying one. Actually when certain breed is popular, often appear upsurge once and then nobody buys them. So the stray animal will be more.

4. You can get a lot of resources

If you don’t have a pet but want to, the staff at the shelter can give you a lot of information about pet ownership. And also can be more sincere according to your needs to tell you which type of pet you are suitable for!

5. You will get a high sense of accomplishment

These abandoned animals will cherish their adoptive owners more, they become more loyal, mature, know how to repay their kindness. Keeping a pet is already a physical and emotional benefit for the owner and if your pet is adopted and a small animal is saved from death, the great sense of accomplishment can have a big impact on you.

6. There are a wide variety of choices

We all think the purebred ones are cute and pretty, but mixed-blood isn’t bad either. Some hybrids are beautiful. And to be honest, most of the purebred species have some genetic defects that can be difficult to care for. Hybrids, on the other hand, have fewer genetic defects, are easier to care for, and are healthier too!


7. You indirectly inhibit the proliferation of unscrupulous animals dealers

Some unscrupulous animal sellers and breeders do not give animals the proper treatment, the living environment, medical care, and the emotional care they deserve. Some animals mothers become breeding tools, they reproducing under harsh conditions. If you don’t find the right way to buy, you are indirectly supporting the bad behavior of animal dealers.

As a former employee of the adoption agency, I offered this sincere and honest advice on adoption. I hope to help animal lovers find their suitable pet and Hope to help these small animals find their happy homes.

Promote the awareness of pet adoption

If you like animals as much as I do, you hope to help more animals. You can not only adapt, but also devote to raise awareness of adoption and spread the benefits of shelter adoption. Establish an animal adoption active in a community or school to raise awareness. Or host a fundraiser, volunteer to walk the animals, play with the cat in a shelter, or just spread adoption awareness.


If you want to make propaganda spread adoption of consciousness activity effect is better, you can use some “propaganda”, such as:

  1. Poster,
  2. Animal T-shirt,
  3. Animal custom lapel pins,
  4. Animals small object customization,




I have worked with GS-JJ to customize a batch of promotional adoption custom pins, and the results are very good. If you also want to try, you can enter: If you wish to protect small animals, out a hand for them, I will be very happy, also very thank you. I hope that small animals can provide meager help so that more animals can have a home.

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