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Why Corgis Are So Popular?

In the present era, the most popular pet that we keep none other than his a dog. Dogs have always been our most loyal friends of all ages. Nowadays, as pets, dogs play an increasingly important role in our lives. Whether our family is rich or poor, we can enjoy the pleasure of pet dogs, pet dogs can also ease our usual working pressure. Who doesn’t want to see a pet dog welcoming himself/herself as soon as he/she comes home?

Before we start the topic, let’s play a small game to test your eyesight. What is the common element of the following six custom lapel pins?

corgis cartoon pins

That’s right, the answer is the corgi. These are the lapel pins related to corgi that custom-designed by our customers recently.

If you don’t know about corgi, you might have questions, why do so many people customize the corgi lapel pins among the dog pins for sale?

Why are corgis so popular?


Come on now, I will answer your questions for 10 reasons!




1. Corgis are quiet and suitable for keeping in urban areas

Corgis are usually very quiet; if there is no emergency, they won’t bark, they never disturb the residents’ lives. Speaking about this, the corgi is better than other small dogs. It is precisely because of this advantage; corgi is very suitable for keeping in urban areas.

little corgi


2. Corgis are amicable and friendly

Corgis are amicable and friendly, especially for children. They can play very well with children. They are the guardian dog of children. Keep a corgi at home; it can also help you to take care of your children.

little corgis


3. Corgis are very cute to heal you from a bad mood

Corgis are really cute! Its short legs are the core factor of its cuteness. So it walks with a rolling gait with a sense of humor. It is cuter when it goes upstairs and downstairs. When you’re sad, take a look at your cute corgi and you’ll renew from a bad mood.

why corgis are so popular


4. Corgis are full of energy

Corgis are energetic. This will promote your love of sports to do exercise, so that you will become healthier, we should also be grateful for those energetic corgis, right? Are you also become a loyal fan of corgi because of its “electric buttock”?

electric buttock of corgi


5. Corgis are easy to take care of

Corgis do not have long hairs and thick fur, so it’s easy to take care of and save time & cost of beauty. In addition, corgis enjoy being neat and tidy with light body flavor; so they are loved by people! However, their hair loss is a little serious. Their owners should pay more attention to it. Let corgis eat as little salt as possible to reduce the hair loss.



6. Corgis are very understanding

Corgis are understanding and good at listening. They seemed unusually attuned to people’s feelings. If you are unhappy or upset, you can talk to your corgi; it will stay by your side and listen to you quietly and make you happy by its method.

corgi with sunglass


7. Corgis are brave and the good guardian of your house

Corgis are very brave and confident. It can be your best watchdog and guardian so that thieves will never “visit” your house again. They will never make an agreement with thieves like Husky do!

running corgi


8. Corgis are smart and easy to be trained

Corgis’ IQ ranks 11 in the list of dogs, which are very smart. Many things will soon be learned by them. But the obedience of corgis is relatively poor; sometimes when you call them to do something, obey or not will depend on their mood. In fact, if you want to train your dog well, you can lure your dog with some training snacks, such as chicken jerky, chicken fries, and so on. If you have those snacks, I believe that your dog will cooperate with you obediently.

running corgi


9. Royal Effect

When it comes to the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, everyone also knows the corgis by her side. It is precisely because Elizabeth II will bring her corgis with her wherever she attends. Since then, the popularity of corgi has raised a lot; it has also attracted more and more people’s attention to keeping corgis.

Elizabeth II & her corgis


10. Corgis are not picky and easily to feeding

Corgis are easily to feeding, they are not picky at all, even if the vegetables they don’t like, they will also eat. But owners can’t literally feed or overfeed, which will easily lead to corgis’ obesity, malnutrition, serious hair loss, and imperfect skeletal development. We should pay attention to its diet and regular & quantitative feeding. It is better to choose those high-quality dog foods with rich nutrition. Later, your corgis will be healthier and healthier.

a corgi is eating food



Ending Words:

By reading this, I believe that you have already understood why so many of our customers customize the corgi dog pins for their unique corgis. Knowing these 10 reasons, did you already fall in love with the lovely puppy? And if you know any other reasons why corgis are so popular, please write to us in the comments section.

corgis cartoon




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