In the life of Audrey Hepburn, a butterfly lapel pin is her most beloved treasure…

Butterfly lapel pin!

 It is such a unique and dazzling jewelry, accompany her life until she died. Love is an indispensable part of every woman’s life, and Hepburn is no exception. In her life, there is a period of memorable feelings so far. Gregory Peck , the man who could not be hand in hand with her, gave her the longest companionship. They met due to the classic “Roman Holiday” and become the most classic screen couple. Perhaps the fate of teasing, overwhelming mistakes, they did not hand in hand finally, all the emotions are buried in that summer’s “Roman Holiday.”

While looking at Hepburn to find happiness, he gave her a butterfly lapel pin, she liked it very much. This lapel pin has been accompanied by Hepburn, with her through pain and joy until the end. Is a certain state of friendship or helpless reality of love? Nobody knows, but Peck ‘s confession which is meaningful in Hepburn funeral “you are my favorite woman in life.” The butterfly lapel pin , which accompanied Hepburn for nearly 40 years, eventually bought by Parker as a lifetime collection at a charity sale after Hepburn’s death. And just 49 days after that auction, the aged Parker closed his eyes and held the butterfly lapel pin in his hand and died.

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