Thinking in a gift for your church or faith organization…

The Custom Lapel Pins, are always a good representative gift!

Wearing a pin displays how much you give support for your church.

Most of  little-known congregation in different communities had quickly increase its membership wearing them.

They often rely on church members to promote fundraising, baking sales, and youth group travel.

For sure, this will allow members to enjoy pride and share their personal experiences.

Also used as rewards for church volunteers and priests.

Therefore, help one to gain more visibility in the community and increase membership.

Custom Lapel Pins
Custom Lapel Pins
Lapel Pin - GSJJ
Lapel Pin – GSJJ

There are some of the most common reasons why churches use custom lapel pins:

  1. To identify different members and their roles within the church.This is especially helpful in large churches with new members.
  2. To welcome new members and introduce them to others. It was a very good feeling to feel accepted on the first day they entered the new church.
  3. To hand out on youth group trips and missions. Custom lapel pins can be traded as church members travel.
  4. To sell for church fundraisers. Mission trips and charitable causes can be funded by selling custom lapel pins.

The Most Popular Religious Symbols, Churches tend to like to use:   

  • Doves with Olive Branches
  • Christian Cross Logo Design
  • Pictures of Jesus
  • Bibles
  • Angels

When you’re looking for a unique way to increase your church membership, consider the impact of custom lapel pins.

No matter how small they are, but  in physical appearance it will have a big impact on your marketing efforts!!!

This is definitely a great way to extend your influence in the community.

Contact GSJJ to create your own custom church pin for your congregation!

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