Many people like to collect some things, for example, some people like stamp collecting, others like collecting ancient coins and so on. Now, there is a kind of thing rising quietly, permeating in all fields of life and work, this is the embroidered patches, At the same time, the collection of embroidered patches has also become a new hobby of people. Like collecting stamps, collecting patches is an interest and learning. Sometimes it can even become an investment.

It’s easy to see the reason. Custom embroidery patches are colorful and often associated with beautiful artworks. Choose the best, the most beautiful, the most representative, or the commemorative thing, after careful design, on the patch. The content involved is more political, economic, cultural, military, and other aspects, all walks of life are all right, making small patches between the square into a wide range of museums and small encyclopedia containing rich knowledge.

When there are some important events, such as national anniversaries, or major international events held by the state, such as the Olympic Games. These special commemorative days or events are worth making custom embroidered patches to leave permanent memories.

We should remember good things, just like holding happy memories, things that are not good and bring us pain should be remembered as well, like a lesson. For example, in the days of natural disasters such as earthquakes, mudslides, and other natural disasters, we made customized patches to warn us that we should take good care of the environment. Or events like 911 that remind us to honor our wounded compatriots and resolutely fight against terrorists. Collecting these patches is like remembering all these memories and they remind us all the time.

Our favorite actors, bands, their classic movies or classic songs can be kept as custom embroidered patches. It will be an interesting conversation to share them with others. Even more wonderful, if you happen to meet the fans like you, you will feel as if you have met an intimate friend, who seems to know you all.

In addition to these, you can also collect patches of knowledge about history, geography, flowers, grass, fish, worms, and characters in the world. In the process of collection, you also understand this knowledge. The embroidered patches show a broad and profound world, reflecting the progress of history from one aspect.

Collecting embroidered patches is an interesting collection, whether it is the desire to get the background knowledge in the patch, or the satisfaction of having the patch, whether it is to appreciate the collection of others, or to show your treasure… These all add endless fun to your life. The most important point is that no matter what type of custom patches you need, you can always depend on GS-JJ. Want to know more? Call us toll-free at 18888644755 or email us

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