Compared with traditional embroidery patches and woven patches, you may feel very strange about printed patches. Printing patches are a big change and innovation for traditional embroidery patches. The process is completely different from embroidery patches, which makes printed patches have unique advantages.

Printed patches can completely copy your photos, and any photo details can be captured to perfectly present themselves in front of you. For example, choose one of your favorite landscapes or even a picture of a star you like, and we can copy it all the same on a printed patch. We can even add some special effects, such as drop shadows and shading, to make it look vivid. And for printed patches, you don’t have to worry about not having the color you want or worrying about its color. You can use any color without any color restrictions.


Printing Patches
Printing Patches


We all know that if we want to present rich content on embroidery patches, but the size is small, it’s not possible. We can design themes, but for small details, such as small text, embroidery patches are difficult to present perfectly. That is to say if you want an embroidery patch with rich content and complicated details, its size will be limited. But for printed patches, you won’t have to worry about anything. Even small words, they are readable and clearly visible. You can choose any size even if your design is very complicated.

There is another main advantage that should not be overlooked in printing patches, that is, the price is the cheapest. Some people may prefer the appearance of texture, so we suggest that you can choose our embroidery patch. If you want more detailed design patches, you prefer the traditional embroidery process, think about our Custom Woven Patches. But if you don’t want the texture of the look and don’t pursue the traditional patch process, then we suggest you can choose our printed patches. After all, it enjoys high quality and enjoys absolute cost advantages.

Choosing our printed patches is like tasting a kind of food you’ve heard of delicious but never eaten, and it will definitely bring you amazing discoveries. It will allow you to subvert your view of the patch. No matter what you want to design, we can solve it for you. Want to know more, welcome to visit our website, or email or call 1-888-864-4755 toll-free.

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