Designing good lanyards is important for companies, social organizations, and individuals. Good lanyards can maximize a company’s exposure and increase the business volume of the company. For some social organizations like relief stations, good lanyards can transmit more information about the organization to the public. When someone needs help, they can find relevant organizations in time and seek their help. Actually, many places use customize lanyards, such as schools, hospitals, companies, and government organizations. As for different occasions, the design for personalized lanyards is different.

1. Good Lanyards Used for Schools

A school is a place filled with joy and laughter. Teachers stay here to teach knowledge to students. When students enter school, they must show their cards to prove their identity. Then, for the school, it is necessary to prepare the customize lanyards to students for hanging their cards.

The design of the custom made lanyards can reflect the figure and philosophy of the school. Students often wear them on their necks, which is a good way to increase awareness. How to make the best design for the custom made lanyards? Some important elements you need to notice:

Recommend Options for School Lanyards

A: Lanyard PrintingThe design of the custom made lanyards can reflect the figure and philosophy of the school. The key information of the school should be displayed, such as logo, name and the emblem of the school. You also can print the marks or graphics with symbolic meaning on the surface of the custom made lanyards. For example, the printed information can be matched to the insignia of school.

B: Lanyard Color:The color selection of the customize lanyards should be brighter but not complicated. You can select a cool color like blue and canary yellow.

C: Lanyard Materials:The comfort and breathability of the lanyards are important for students. And students need to walk to school on dark morning and evening, or have a morning run in school, Choosing a durable and high-quality lanyard is useful. We suggest that the school can select polyester lanyards because of its cost-effectiveness, durable material, and good air permeability.

D: Lanyard Attachments:You can select a metal bulldog clip as the attachment, which is suitable to hang your ID card. You can see the following pictures as your reference.

The System of Customized Lanyards
The System of Customized Lanyards

2. Good Lanyards Used for Hospitals

In the hospital, we can determine the hospital workers by their clothes. What differentiates the doctors and nurses? The custom made lanyards play a great role in it. You can distinguish the departments that doctors belong to by the work cards worn on their chests. GS-JJ has made customize lanyards for different hospitals and medical institutions.

Recommend Options for Hospital Lanyards:

A: Lanyards Printing: The content on the surface of this kind of great lanyard tends to be simplified. We often use blue or yellow ink to print the words. It’s rare to see the lanyards used for hospitals filled with bright red and deep blue.

B: Lanyard Color: As a matter of fact, the lanyard color selection is mostly white in the hospital. On the one hand, the white color is the brightest color; On the other hand, a hospital is a solemn place, which can easily make people feel unease; white can make people more cheerful

C: Lanyards Attachments: We strongly suggest you install the safety breakaway on your lanyards. When emergency situations occurred and the medical personnel is busy, the safety breakaway can protect doctors from harm. The accessories of the lanyards are optional, such as keyring, which can fix many items like cellphones, keys, and other ID badges.

Good Lanyards for Hospital
Good Lanyards for Hospital

3. Good lanyards Used for Competition

There are a lot of different competitions in different fields, such as sports competitions, technical competitions and so on. For these competitors, these competitions are a good way to show their ability. When holding competitions, we have to promise the competitors they can finish with a good ending, and ensure the competition is fair. If you are someone who cares about the competitions, you must look forward to wearing the cool lanyards belonging to the competition and entered the competition by the pass card. You can enjoy the competition on the scene instead of cheering in front of the screen.

Recommend Options for Competition Lanyards:

ALanyards Printing: The full name and logo of the competition must print on the surface of the lanyards in order to have an excellent lanyard design. We often use the dye-sublimated printing process to print the texts on the lanyards used for competition, because it can achieve multicolor printing. The dye-sublimated lanyards have a smooth texture and are comfortable to wear.

B: Lanyards Material: The raw material selection is free and you can choose whatever you like. The polyester material is cheap and durable; the nylon material is expensive and thicker.

We have shown some high-quality lanyards in the picture below. You can take a look.

Good Lanyards for Competition
Good Lanyards for Competition

4. Good Lanyards used for Companies

In fact, customized lanyards are commonly used in companies as well. Employees should wear them at work. On the one hand, wearing custom made lanyards can provide convenience for a company’s management. On the other hand, it can improve the work’s progress between colleagues. GS-JJ has received customize orders from different industries around the world. Also, we have designed a lot of custom made lanyards. Some are made according to the manuscript from companies; some are made by our designers.

Recommend Options for Company Lanyards:

A: Lanyards Material: As for the good lanyards for companies, we often make polyester lanyards because of its good air breathable and long-period usage.

B: Lanyards Color: The color used on the lanyards often is in accordance with the company’s conception and website. You also can add some decorations to the lanyards.

If you want to add more ideas to your customize lanyards, we hope you can go to We have made detailed classification for the lanyards. The professional customize system is convenient for you to design lanyards. Additionally, we have published some useful blogs about our good Lanyards and Baseball Lapel Pins. You can read it. GS-JJ has known that the baseball competition is coming, so we have designed many cool baseball hat pins. If you were interested in it, you can visit the following website.

The System of Customized Lanyards
The System of Customized Lanyards


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