Thumb up

Most of them express their appreciation for a certain sentence or something; they also express their gratitude for the actions of others and appreciate what he has done for you; they also said that they are ready. For example, in a basketball game, the referee will hold the ball in one hand and a vertical thumb to indicate that everything is ready. The game can be played. This is from airplane driving. When the plane was about to take off, the air pilot couldn’t communicate with the ground crew because of the huge sound of the engine, so the way of showing the thumbs up: I am ready! In the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and other countries, the thumb up means a ride, and if the thumb goes up sharply, it is a signal of insult.

Word V

This has long been Esperanto, from the United Kingdom, because the word V in the United Kingdom represents Victory, so use V to express the joy of victory, use this gesture to back to yourself with your fingers. However, in Greece, if you use this gesture, you must turn your finger to the other side, otherwise it will mean insulting and ignoring the other party’s intention.


There is no doubt that this is also Esperanto. It is made up of the English letters O and K. It means that there is no problem, it is ready, everything is ready. I am also very good, nothing, thank you for your concern. However, in the southern part of France, the OK gesture indicates zero, indicating that something is not worth mentioning, indicating that it disapproves.

Pause gesture
In general, there are more people to use. The right hand is flat. The left hand sticks out a finger top in the right hand palm. People who are used to the left hand are negotiating. This gesture represents a pause and can be used in any situation.

Finger heart,
Finger heart, is a kind of online popular gesture, which means putting a heart shape by hand, and the thumb and the index finger are used to form a loving shape to express a friendly expression to fans or friends. The action of using your fingers is more and more accepted by more and more stars. When a star goes on stage, he sometimes poses this gesture to the audience to express his love for the fans. This is also more popular to express his love for a specific person.

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