When it comes to the wedding ceremony, it is easy to think of the bride’s wedding dress, the wedding veil, the carrying the bride over the threshold, the wedding ring is worn on the left hand of the ring finger, the bride takes flowers and the bride stands on the left of the groom. Do you know the origin of these customs?

  1. The custom of bridal clothing

The custom of bridal clothing dates back to the Victorian Times, where the bride’s dress is related to “something old, new, borrowed and white.” Because the old things are related to the bride’s family and her past life. New things represent the bride’s happiness in the future. Good fortune and success can be found in her new life. Wearing things borrowed from marriage can bring good luck to marriage, which can be a wedding dress, a handkerchief, and a piece of jewelry. White objects are considered to be symbols of purity and loyalty.

There are two interpretations of the bride’s custom of wearing wedding dresses. One is that in the time of the arranged marriage, the bride’s face should be covered up before the bride is formally married at the wedding, so that it is too late for the bridegroom to see the bride even if she does not like her appearance. Another explanation is that the bride wears a wedding dress for the purpose of hurting evil spirits who are not loitering on the wedding day.



  1. The carrying the bride over the threshold

The custom of the bride and groom holding the bride through the threshold stems from the Rome era. People at the time thought that if the bride stumbling on the first doorsill of the first day would bring bad luck, and holding the bride through the doorsill could avoid such a thing.

  1. The custom of wedding rings

The custom of wedding rings is generally believed to have started in seventeenth Century. At the wedding, the priest touched his left forefinger in sequence and said, “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit…, just touched the ring finger.


     4. Carrying flowers

The bride’s habit of carrying flowers originated in ancient times. It is thought that strong herbs or spices can drive away evil spirits, bad luck and disease. In the Victorian era, when lovers sent flowers to each other to convey their different feelings, flowers had more meaning. For example, apple blossom represents “the coming of better things to come”; red roses represent “I love you”; white roses represent “pure”; and forget me is “sincere love and memory “.


     5   Bride standing on the left side of the bridegroom

As for the bride standing on the left side of the bridegroom, it is very interesting. In ancient times, the bridegroom used his left hand to protect the future bride, but at the same time, he had to free his right hand, swords to defeat and drive away other people who wanted to rob her.


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