The lanyards are often considered as humble items, but there are many details in its production process that deserve our attention and care. Only when you seize the details, you will get high-quality lanyards at the end. If you notice these details, you can greatly reduce the period of production, so that you don’t need to worry about long-time production. So, what are the details that we need to pay special attention to when designing custom made lanyards? Read on, Please.

1. Lanyards Material Selection

There are many kinds of material commonly used for making lanyards, which is a mind-blowing thing. It is divided into polyester, nylon, and so on. Each material for making lanyards has its advantages and disadvantages. However, for the material itself, there is no absolute good or bad. As for the dye-sublimated printing process, using the polyester fabric as the raw material of the lanyards can achieve the best results. It is not suitable for using silkscreen printing. For the lanyards with nylon material, we often use the silkscreen printing process to attach the graphic on the lanyards. The effect of using a dye-sublimated printing process is relatively poor. These are the choice you need to pay attention to this when designing customize lanyards.

Lanyards Selection
Lanyards Selection

2. Printing Process Selection

The cost of the printing method varies with different printing processes. Which kind of printing process suit you depends on the effect you want to achieve with the customize lanyards. The cost of the production cannot determine the final effect and appearance of high-quality lanyards. For example, if you want to print simple text on customizing lanyards; you can use a simple printing process of silkscreen to highlight the LOGO and words. If the pattern is colorful, the dye-sublimated printing process is the best option in order to highlight the overall harmony.

3. Having a clear design

If your lanyards need to print, you should try to provide a drawing, such as drawings in the format of CDR, AI, and PDF. Some customers don’t pay attention to it and provide a blurry JPG file. It can finish the low-quality lanyards and make the lanyards different from the original manuscript. Additionally, it also can affect the lanyards and lengthen production time and difficulty. When we printed the logo by using the dye-sublimated printing process, the blurry manuscript will affect the aesthetics of the lanyards.

Having a clear design
Having a clear design

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4. Lanyards Length Selection

The length of lanyards is a very important parameter. Longer lanyards don’t mean the best lanyards. Lanyards are commonly used for wearing on your wrist and your neck. The high-quality lanyards used on the wrist are best to control in 15cm. But for the lanyards used on the neck, the length should be adjusted appropriately according to the age and location of the wearer. If we don’t pay attention to these cases, it is not beautiful when using it. More importantly, it will cause a lot of inconvenience for the wearer. For the customers from Europe and America, the length of lanyards should be generally defined at 36-40 inches or up a little bit. For the customer from China and surrounding countries, the length of lanyards is at 32-36 inches.

5. Lanyards Width Selection

There are different widths for lanyards, including 9mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, and so on. The width of lanyards for ID badges often select 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, and 20mm. The lanyards for some digital products often select 4mm, 7mm, 9mm, and 10mm. The lanyards width with 25mm and 30mm is used as pet lanyards, backpack lanyards, and digital camera lanyards. The lanyards width with 40mm and 50mm is used as luggage lanyards. The principle for selecting the width of lanyards depends on the volume size of the object.

6. Use of Occasion for Lanyards

When designing lanyards, we should be fully considered the use of occasion for cheap custom lanyards no minimum. We needn’t break the object on the lanyards. We don’t use a metal attachment on lanyards when fixing digital products, because the metal attachment can damage the product’s appearance. Moreover, the color and material used on lanyards should be considered not to affect the main attachment, so that it doesn’t destroy the overall appearance of the lanyards.

Use of Occasion for Lanyards
Use of Occasion for Lanyards

7. Lanyards Attachment Selection

The use of occasion for lanyards can be regarded as elements affecting attachment selection. We should think about comfort in use. If we don’t choose and attach it to the lanyards, it will bring inconvenience for people to use. Additionally, it also can increase the cost of lanyards. In the selection of lanyards material, the metal and plastic are different. Metal is heavier. You should not add heavy items on the lanyards. Otherwise, it will be difficult to use.

Lanyards Attachment Selection
Lanyards Attachment Selection

8. Most expensive is not the best

Many customers think that expensive is good. Cheap products must not the good ones. This mentality is a worry. Your right is the best. Sometimes, simple lanyards will become more harmonious when attaching products. But, if you need to use it as an advertisement, a simple product can high-lighting and achieve better publicity.

Learning these details must solve the problem when you buy custom made lanyards. If you can do these steps carefully, the best lanyards will be created by you. Finding a trusted manufacturer is the first step for you. You can visit the GS-JJ website. We applied silkscreen printing and dye-sublimated printing for a long time. Give us your manuscript, we will make it great.


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