With the rapid development of e-commerce and economic globalization, we can purchase products from all around the world at the cheapest price. We can search the seller online and select the products we satisfied with. All of the products can be found on the Internet. The foreign trade industry was established rapidly in trends. Our company GS-JJ is a member of them. We invited experienced designers and makers to do the best lanyards and high-quality lanyards. Also, we use different materials to make different lanyards, such as nylon and polyester lanyards. The custom made lanyards have the ability to achieve customer’s acquirements. Moreover, four extra services we provided for all customers, which can make customers get the best shopping experience.

Custom system
Custom system


1.Free Shipping

The conception of logistics was firstly created from the United States of America in the 1930s. The original intention is physical distribution and good distribution. In simple words, logistics means the process of sending the products to the customer’s hands by using safety way. The logistics are divided into three ways, water transportation, land transportation and air transportation. Air transportation can be used for goods with high value, small size and quantity; Water transportation is suitable for the customer who has tight budgets and provides more delivery time; Land transportation has features like high risk, long delivery time and higher cost. However, the custom made lanyards belong to small and light products. Hence, we can provide free air shipping for you. It can ensure delivery time shorter. And you will receive complete and perfect goods. Especially in the case of the urgent need for products, air shipping plays an important role at the right time.

Free Shipping
Free Shipping

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2.Free Art Design

The art design is a requirement that has several levels. The first level is to meet the physiological needs of customers; the second level is to meet the aesthetic needs of customers; the third level is to meet the needs of customers to cover up their profits; the fourth level is to create brands’ needs. The essence of the art design is to use appropriate external shapes and colors for expressing the connotation of products without exaggeration. Creating is designing, which can embody human vitality. A good designer can create good products. GS-JJ has some designers who have many years of experience in custom made lanyards. They also have designed many kinds of customized lanyards and exhibited on GS-JJ.com. If you don’t have some thoughts on designing lanyards, you can find our designer. We can give you a free art design service. Or if you have some small idea but not completed, you also can connect with our designer, and they can give you the best and complete idea.


3.No Minimum Quantity

Custom made lanyards should be made for several days. In general, we often receive orders to purchase customize lanyards in bulk. They prepared lanyards with a work card for the staff of the company. Suppliers can be divided into wholesalers and retailers. Somebody designs the best lanyards by using their own creative and interesting idea, and they often want to buy one lanyard as a collection. As for this kind of customer, GS-JJ can provide no minimum quantity service for you. Any requirements you can call us, and we can give you the best solutions to your problems. Believe us. No matter how many lanyards you have ordered, we will pack them strictly and deliver them to your hands with the completed package.

4.Cheap Guarantee

As a regular customer of GS-JJ, you will be impressed by our low price and service. Since the establishment of the company in the early days, we always keep the conception of customer first. We also devoted to providing the cheapest price for the customer and the high-quality lanyards. We have a factory that mainly makes lanyards and can give you the factory direct price. Because of the above reason, we have the ability to give you a cheap guarantee. You may question the quality of lanyards, or even distrust us. But, we have already sold many lanyards to people worldwide and receive good feedback. In consideration of lanyards cost, our cheap lanyards with good quality must reach your request.

In general, the four good services included cheap cost, free shipping and designing and no limit quantity. Have these services attract your eyes and stimulate your desire to buy it? As a matter of fact, the designing best lanyards process is the process of stimulating our creativity. Learning to spread your mind and imagination, you will like the lanyards you designed. You also can communicate with our designer. They can give you some good idea from their perspective.

Cheap Guarantee

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