Do you have trouble with the custom made lanyards? When you need to design lanyards for your group or company, how to choose the lanyards you like is a big problem. In order to provide convenience for all customers, we have detailed four main design conception for you. Let’s see it!

1. Simple style

This is a common design conception. If you browse the GS-JJ website, you can see many customize lanyards with a simple style on it. The custom made lanyards with simple style is composed of single color lanyards and words printing only with the name or logo. It didn’t have too many decorations. The number of colors included two or three. The whole design of the lanyard is formal without fancy. Therefore, the lanyard with simple style is used in formal and serious matters, like police office, court, government organization and official conventions. Generally speaking, the lanyards with simple style use the silkscreen printing process to add the words to the surface of the lanyards. The printed texts have a much stronger realistic and stereo feeling.

Simple style
Simple style


2.Colorful style

The colorful style refers to the lanyards have more than three colors. The usage and combination of the color are closer to the deep essence of the design. The utilizing of the color can catch your eyes. Two bright color combinations can produce intense stimulation sense. Two downy color combinations can produce a harmonious aesthetic. Color plays an important role in the lanyards’ design, which often has the power of predominance in visual communication design. Normally, dye-sublimated printing technology was used for making the customize lanyards with colorful style. You can add a picture or slogan on the lanyard by the original manuscript. Many lanyards with colorful styles were customized by Design companies, charity organization and particular industries.

Colorful style
Colorful style

3.Cool style

Literally, the lanyards with a cool style often have some cool stuff, like the car, motorcycle, auto racing and extreme sports. Using black as the background color is a suitable choice for you. Adding some cool stuff on the surface of the lanyards can enhance the feeling of the cool. As far as we can see, some automobile companies or sports competitions tend to design and buy cool lanyards. Wearing cool lanyards can reflect the company’s sales director. Customers can make faster judgments to choose the product they want to buy. Of course, that is not only for these companies. Any customer can purchase it for your hobby. If you have some special ideas or thinking, you can draw the manuscript and then communicate with our team.

Cool style

4.Cute style

Look at the word “cute”, you must express your interest to it. Most girls and little children were attracted by the awesome lanyards with cute style. We suggested you a designer named MBE come from Dribbble, his design style is special and cute. Customizing cute lanyards is an interesting thing. We often think of a lot of things we see in daily life when we are designing. The cute thing includes creative goods in the shop, cartoon character in Comic-con and accessories on our clothes. Then, we can use the idea you like and add the cute stuff to the surface of cute lanyards. As for you, the finished lanyards can become the best lanyards.

Cute style

Which style do you like most? You can tell us. The professional designing team also can help you and give you some good advice. GS-JJ Company has produced many kinds of the customize lanyards, like single custom lanyards, custom breakaway lanyards and custom lanyards for keys.  Find us and give us your idea. You will get the best lanyards with free air shipping.

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