Let’s know a little bit what is behind this delicious Japanese Food  and have Ideas for Fun Hard Enamel Pins!!!

Rice rolls are traditional Japanese food and we need to know its main ingredients is rice.

So, what usually gives the flavor will be the combination with main ingredients like fish, sewed and  most of sea food on the top.

Sushi pins
Sushi pins

Producers can add ingredients according to their own preferences,  according to personal preferences into a variety of styles of rice rolls.

Since the convenience store appeared in the 1970s, the rice rolls became one of the most important commodities in the convenience store, and until now they still have this status.

As a result of the development of the Rice Sushi Rolls allows consumers to enjoy the occasion of the meal, fast, delicious and with all nutrients you can need in just one bite! Because it is fast you can eat it cold or if you have more time can try hot toppings.

Most of the fast food, such as hamburgers, uses oil to cook, so it is inevitable that the heat of these foods is very high. On the contrary, the main ingredient of rice rolls is rice and seaweed.

Even if their fillings may include meat or salad dressing, but the size of the rice balls is moderate, giving you a great portion for a meal.

However, the most charming place of rice rolls is the feeling of hand-made.

Fast food chain stores to provide the general price of food, no matter which one you choose, in appearance or taste is really no difference.

Hard Enamel Pin - GS-JJ
Hard Enamel Pin – GS-JJ

Because everyone loves food, GS-JJ’s has created this fun Lapel Pin representing the Sushi Rice Rolls, fashion and beautiful.

Rice Roll Custom Lapel Pins are a Hard Enamel Pins , they are filled with glitter color.

You will noted that our Hard Enamel Pins are a delicate and good quality craft, that’s why each goes individually poly bagged and with a rubber clutch as attached in back.

GS-JJ manufacturer of  many different hard enamel pins  and customized pins offers you good quality products and very affordable price.

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