Celebrating 210 years of Masonry – Challenge Coins

Almost every society that has developed over the past years has tried to preserve its history in different forms.

Embrace our heritage, preserve our traditions.

Only with this, we can pass on the wisdom and experience of the generations that had gone before them.

Same as the Ohio’s attitude towards the Grand Lodge. The Grand Lodge of Ohio, formally known as the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Ohio, is the governing body of the largest group of Masonic lodges in Ohio. The Grand Lodge of Ohio follows the Anglo-American tradition of Freemasonry that is common in the United States. And its motto is “Virtute, Silentio, Amore” (“By Virtue, In Silence, With Love”).

Then, To celebrate the 210 years of Masonry, the organization order this coins to GS-JJ.

This finest craftsmanship, die struck with four color fills, gold plated and polished for a great presentation.The custom challenge coins feature with the flag of Ohio and symbol of the Grand Lodge on the surface, and the flip side embellished with the event context, from 1808 to 2018.Gift to your favorite groups, family members or community members with such great challenge coins.

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