Why the guitar is the most popular instrument in the world…

Let’s know a little bit it facts and also how to create wonderful Custom Enamel Pins!!!



Musical instrument allows you to:

  1. Express different music styles

Many people tend to use a guitar as an accompany to singing or for any musical piece.

And also, is one of the most music platforms from Classical, Pop, Rock music or Jazz

  1. Cheap, Easy to carry

Another obvious reason is that acoustic guitar is very portable and very affordable.

Definitely, it can be carried any performed anywhere. You can buy it at a very affordable price and moreover maintenance and repair are not very expensive.

if you compare it with any other instruments for reference Piano, violin, Saxophone, etc.

  1. Easy to learn

It gives you enough space for your personal choice of music to learn and gives you result faster. Maybe 3 months and probably with other instruments, you would need 1-2 years.

  1. Cool and Always on Trend

Rock stars are all played guitars! ….

I believe everyone has a favorite band and most of those bands have a cool guitarist.

Often in these clubs, they teach the members how to play guitar, improve skills, perform at events, etc.

Our guitar Custom Enamel Pins are perfect for guitar lovers or, why not maybe for your guitar members.

Made in hard enamel, die struck with gold finish.

This craft is very delicate and perfect to wear on any outfit.

GS-JJ can help you to customize any other instrument for your band, academy, club or event!

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