The Constellation is a constant subject of hot discussion. People like to predict their future about fortune, love, and career based on their own constellations. As a result, those constellation products are very popular among people. So, it will be a good choice to customize a constellation bracelet for your friend.
We know constellations are divided into 12 types based on different time periods, and we should confirm the constellation we need to make before customization. Let’s count the 12 constellations according to the time period and learn their features.

A chart of 12 Constellations
12 Constellations


  • Aries Constellation Bracelet

Aries, people born from 21 March to 19 April.

The symbol of Aries is a sheep’s head; it is a pictographic method of taking the most obvious part of the sheep– the horn and nose.

From the mythology of Aries, we can associate with certain traits, such as impulse, love of freedom and courage to move forward. At the same time, it is also pointed out that the sign of Aries is a symbol of the newborn green bud showing a new and prosperous scene.

If you would like to customize awesome wristbands for those born during this period, Aries will be the main factor.

Personalized Bracelet for Aries People
Aries Constellation Bracelet


  • Taurus Constellation Bracelet

Taurus, who born during 21 April and 21 May

If they are born during this period of time, it means that they belong to Taurus.

Taurus people look meek in appearance but not always in mind. They are usually conservative and fond of a steady life plan. They don’t exercise a lot and tend to an introvert personality according to the constellation. They usually need a longer time to Adapt when in a new environment. So, for the slow-type and conservative features of Taurus, it will surprise them if you customize a unique Taurus wristband for them.

Personalized Bracelet for Taurus People
Taurus Constellation Bracelet


  • Gemini Constellation Bracelet

Gemini, during 22 May and 21 June.

If you need to customize constellation wristbands for those who born during this period, Gemini no doubt is the topic.

Do you know anything about Gemini? They tend to like something fresh, but the chase of novelty sometimes leads to being distracted easily.

Perhaps, you will feel excited to talk with Gemini because they always have something new and creative in their minds to make you curious about.

For such funny and interesting Gemini, how can these ordinary gifts satisfy them? It will get a different effect if you can create something special for them, such as a Gemini constellation bracelet that just belongs to them.

Personalized Bracelet for Gemini People
Gemini Constellation Bracelet


  • Cancer Constellation Bracelet

Cancer, from 22 June to 22 July

Cancer people are always full of love and home (family) is the most important thing for them. They are like crabs that have a soft heart hidden under the hard shell.

Furthermore, Cancer is a very persistent constellation, meaning that they are faithful to friends, family members and also can persist to do a thing to the ending.

For such Cancer, how happy they would be if they receive your specially customized constellation wristbands.

Personalized Bracelet for Cancer People
Cancer Constellation Bracelet


  • Leo Constellation Bracelet

Leo, from 23 July to 22 August

Leo always reflects some features like warmth, sunshine, and generosity. But they are extremely concerned about face-saving and sometimes might appear arrogant unintentionally. In some cases, they often care a lot about whether others respect them or not.  A personalized gift will massage Leo’s ego greatly, and give them a custom made wristband with their constellation–Leo and print some warm and heartfelt words onto the wristbands. It will be much more precious than those gifts that can be seen everywhere.

Personalized Bracelet for Leo People
Leo Constellation Bracelet


  • Virgo Constellation Bracelet

Virgo, from 23 August to 22 September

People of Virgo are perfectionists; they don’t like to idle and prefer to help others. But the Virgo which strives to perfection often lack self-confident and need encouragement from families and friends to push them forward.

So, when you would like to customize gifts for Virgo friends, a custom made Virgo wristband will be perfect for them.

Personalized Bracelet for Virgo People
Virgo Constellation Bracelet


  • Libra Constellation Bracelet

Libra, from 23 September to 23 October

Sociability is the hallmark of Libras, who seek a sense of peace and harmony all the time. And Libra’s fair nature can be seen from Libra’s mythology. By that steelyard, you can see the basic idea of Libra’s pursuit of balance, and the wavering steelyard also shows the hesitation in Libras’ nature.

Therefore, for our wavering Libra friends, please don’t think about picking presents with them, and this will make them feel bad. So, it will be nice to secretly make a personalized bracelet with their constellation for them.

Personalized Bracelet for Libra People
Libra Constellation Bracelet


  • Scorpio Constellation Bracelet

Scorpio, from 24 October to 22 November

Once the goal has been set, Scorpio will never give up until the goal is reached. They are also energetic, passionate, jealous, and possessive.

The myth of Scorpio describes it as Scorpio, which is the source of jealousy. The sign of Scorpio symbolizes the scorpion’s shell and its poison needle, showing the nature of revenge.”

So, if you need to prepare gifts for Scorpio friends, it will be very important to put your heart on them, and let them feel your full regards and blessing. It is definitely a great way to enhance the friendship between you.

Personalized Bracelet for Scorpio People
Scorpio Constellation Bracelet


Sagittarius, from 23 November to 21 December

What kind of present would you prepare for a Sagittarius friend? Custom gifts always perfectly reflect the giver’s full mind. If you don’t have a big budget for it, the current popularity of silicone wristbands will be a good choice. We launched the constellation wristbands to fulfill your requirement wonderfully.

So, do you really know Sagittarius? Sagittarius is optimistic, honest, passionate and challenge-loving. They are the adventurers among the 12 constellations. For the custom gift, it must be impressive to them.

Personalized Bracelet for Sagittarius People
Sagittarius Constellation Bracelet


  • Capricorn Constellation Bracelet

Capricorn, from 22 December to 19 January

Capricorn is the kindest and most patient of the twelve zodiac signs. Capricorn is down-to-earth, hardy and industrious. And then, they have a very strong sense of responsibility and simultaneously lack a sense of security. So, a sincere gift for Capricorn friends can let them feel your true feelings. Did the 12 horoscopes wristbands we launched reach you?

Personalized Bracelet for Capricorn People
Capricorn Constellation Bracelet


  • Aquarius Constellation Bracelet

Aquarius, from 20 January to 18 February

Aquarius is intelligent, creative and in pursuit of a unique life. They have a strong sense of individualism. In addition, they are friendly and pay much attention to personal privacy, so that they can be called” Star of friendship”. They like to make every kind of friend, but hard to open hearts to each other.

So, what kind of gifts can move such a smart Aquarius? Not just any gifts can meet their favor for their uniqueness. Exclusive constellation wristbands will do you a good favor.

Personalized Bracelet for Aquarius People
Aquarius Constellation Bracelet


  • Pisces Constellation Bracelet

Pisces, from 19 February to 20 March

The symbol of Pisces is two fishes with a ribbon linked together. We can associate with the escape trait of Pisces from the myth of Pisces. The two fishes of Pisces are swimming in two directions, which not only shows the duality of Pisces but also symbolizes the contradiction and complexity of Pisces. Even in the face of complex and incompatible Pisces, it will be nice to prepare gifts with your full regard, and no one will refuse the sincerity from people.

Personalized Bracelet for Pisces People
Pisces Constellation Bracelet

Each constellation has its own characteristics, and the only thing in common is that whatever the birthday gift is, the recipient can feel your mind as long as the giver prepares it with full regards and blessings. Whether the presents are expensive or not is not the focus, instead, the sincere and true mind is what really counts.

Constellation wristbands are a great accessory for gifts with affordable price and sincere minds. Here, GS-JJ offers a full range of services if you happen to need to customize unique and meaningful gifts for your friends.

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