Ethiopian air crash that just happened is still concerned by many people. Most of them suspected the design defects on the plane is the main reason for this crash. However, the data in black boxes are still not released to the public yet.

In the disasters caused by various means of transportation, the air disaster is the most concerned. This is probably because the air crash has brought more fear than any other accident. Regarding the custom coins, how do they reflect the air disasters? What are the related disasters? Let us trace back to history together.

1. Concorde Custom Silver Coins

Concorde Custom Silver Coins
Concorde Custom Silver Coins

Some air crashes are hard to avoid. On July 25, 2000, Air France Flight 4590 Concorde (F-BTSC) prepared to fly to the JFK International Airport in New York from Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Paris, but crashed in the suburbs of Paris shortly after take-off, 100 Passengers and nine crew members were all killed and four people were killed on the ground.

According to the official investigation report, a part dropped from the previous aircraft that had been lifted off split the main landing gear tire of the Concorde. After the puncture, the high-speed shot of the tire broke through the fuel tank on one side, and the leaked fuel was sparked. The fire caused the plane to go out of control. This accident became the last straw to crush the camel, causing the Concorde to collapse and eventually retired in October 2003.

Only on the custom commemorative coins that issued in the contemporary, we can still appreciate the heroic attitude of the Concorde.

2. Space Shuttle Columbia Challenge Coins

Space Shuttle Columbia Challenge Coins
Space Shuttle Columbia Challenge Coins

On February 1, 2003, the US space shuttle Columbia crashed over the northern part of Texas when it returned to the earth. All seven astronauts were killed. The whole mankind was shocked by the accident, but even more desperate than the disaster, the space shuttle suffered a misfortune at the start: when the “Colombia” lifted off, a piece of plastic foam falling off from the fuel tank punctured the space shuttle’s thermal insulation film, this hidden danger caused the subsequent disaster.

The above challenge coins are specially designed for this disaster. The one side shows the “Columbia” was being launched to space as well as the start date and fatal accident date. The custom challenge coins are used to commemorate the seven astronauts, On the other hand, they will always remind people not to forget this disaster in any case.

3. Space Shuttle Custom Antiqued-Silver Coins

In 2011, the space shuttle eventually retired and ended its mission. On the following custom antique coins, we can also see the “family portrait” of the six space shuttles.

Space Shuttle Custom Antiqued-Silver Coins
Space Shuttle Custom Antiqued-Silver Coins

The reverse pattern consists of six sections and one disc. The disc is embedded in the center, which material is glittering dust of finely ground, taken from each shuttle. This is an innovative feature. Six sections are six space shuttles with their depictions which surrounding the disc. 3D workmanship and with selective gold plating makes them more prominent. ENTERPRISE, COLUMBIA, CHALLENGER, DISCOVERY, ATLANTIS, and ENDEAVOR are arranged clockwise in turn from the top.

The portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II is presented on the obverse.”5 DOLLARS” shows its value.”COOK ISLANDS” indicates these coins are issued by the New Zealand government.

The design of the antique coins is completed by Cook Islands, Coin Invest Trust, and Space-Coins. They hope to bring the history of the historic space-shuttle program to coin collectors.

4. 2010 Smolensk Custom Commemorative Coins

2010 Smolensk Custom Commemorative Coins
2010 Smolensk Custom Commemorative Coins

On April 10, 2010, the Polish Presidential Plane-154 aircraft crashed near the Russian Smolensk airport. All 96 people on board were killed, including the President’s wife and many Polish senior officials. After the incident, a spokesman for the Russian General Prosecutor’s Office said that Smolensk had heavy fog and low visibility when the incident occurred. The plane crashed into the trees near the airport when it landed. Excluding the bad conditions, the aircraft itself is too old, and the unit’s judgment is also a cause.

To commemorate this tragic incident, Poland issued a group of custom silver coins in the same year, one of which depicts the moment of the plane crash.

Sometimes, much crueler than the air crash itself is the story behind the event. Unlike other traffic accidents, many of the aircraft’s potential defects are often not found during flight testing and are almost always discovered or truly valued after an accident – but without any compensation, the lost life can be revived.

The terrible air crashes are perpetually recorded by these exquisite world challenge coins. We hope these disasters will never happen again in the future.






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