Giving a Rose!

In the world, roses are used to express the common language of love. Every Valentine’s Day, Rose is worth double, is a lover, a couple between the pets. Rose on behalf of love, different colors, the number of roses also another good luck. In European languages, English is rose, and German is Die Rose. Rose is the British national flower, at the same time  Jilin city flower in Jilin Province of China.

Get In the West culture, the roses as a symbol of strict secret, guest to see the owner of the table above the table painted a rose, to understand everything on this table are not rumored, so with Sub rosa, “in the roses Under “the Latin idiom. English under the rose is derived from the German unter der Rosen, the ancient German banquet hall, conference room and hotel restaurant, the ceiling often painted or engraved with roses, used to remind the participants tight mouth, keep secret, do not turn the roses Flower words and deeds revealed.


Rose Lapel Pins are red , full of zest . Rose Lapel Pins are crafted by soft enamel , die struck with dye black finish. The craft is very delicate. Each of us  is individually poly bagged and fixed by a butterfly clutch back. GS-JJ can provide many different  lapel pins including  soft enamel pins  at the lowest price.

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