When we mentioned a challenge coin, we sure think that it has two sides. But all challenge coins do not have to be. Most challenge coins are dual-sided coins, and we are also creating a few single-side coins for clients’ special requirements.

Anyway, all custom items with the wonderful designs are greatly utilized in various events or occasions, and I give more explanation about the two types below.


Single-Sided Coins

If you intend to give challenge coin with color, design, image, etc. on the coin’s one side, then finally you get the singled coin.

It’s a new and growing trend, we have seen so many is to design and create single-sided challenge coins lately, let other know clearly “what this challenge coin is mainly about “at first sight.

Only one side to design, you’re also can use unlimited colors and other amazing options (such as 3D design, plating, delicate details, and special edge) on challenge coin, to express what your coin wants to convey and make it with great visual effect quickly.


For example, the above challenge coin with a cross-cut edge is a wonderful way to add an impressive and attractive look to the whole design. This single-sided coin is much beautiful than a normal two-sided coin.

Normally, single-sided challenge coins are used primarily for display purposes, perfectly help you award the excellence, increase brand awareness, or express a message, and more.


Advantages: Challenge coins with single-sided color add richness and dimension for the whole design. It is an effective-cost coin and people easily get its meaning or remember your brand, event at first sight.

Disadvantage: the plain design on the back.


Dual- Sided Coins

Make your coins more delicate, you can choose the dual-side challenge coins, this type can give two sides to include your long name and complex logo, enough space to design and print.

Add up to four colors each side included, or a creative border and you can have one perfectly unique challenge coin. Color and other options on both sides add a tremendous idea to your design and make your challenge coin outstanding.


If you want the same design to appear on both sides of the challenge coin, this is an ideal choice too. Dual-sided challenge coins have different A side and B side mostly, and if both have a similar design, image and logo look more cool and unique, two sides like “twins”.

Dual-sided challenge coins are suitable to be carried by the recipients. Anyone will be deeply impressed when you show them with this beautiful coin!

Advantages: More colors and images make custom coins more attractive; enough space to bear your symbols, messages, etc. When turnover challenges coins, you will be excited about different presentations on two sides; and different images and text impress you again.

Disadvantage: expensive price; coins will look ugly if the colors part be damaged and scratched on one side.


No matter if you’re shopping for a single-sided challenge coin or dual-side challenge coin, GS-JJ is your source for the high quality, most durable challenge coin, the cheapest prices, and the best customer service in the industry. Every challenge coin will need to meet our serious quality control standards, and be hand checked before we deliver it to you.

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