Non-Profit Competitions… Let’s create a Cheap Custom Medals!

Customized Medals GS-JJ
Customized Medals GS-JJ

Odyssey of the Mind is a creative problem-solving competition for students of all ages, from kindergarten through college.

Students teams select a problem, figure a solution, and then present their solution in competition against others.

All teams who advance from their state and national finals, then attend the annual World Finals to present their solutions to the same problems.

Great creative competitions for students!

If you’re located in Michigan and want to train your children with an exciting learning experience that promises to be challenging and fun.

Also, you can join coaches’ training from some non-profit educational organizations.

The good news here!!

After the program, you have a chance to receive the above custom medals.

The prizes include 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd. place custom medals.

What a great opportunity if you’re a member of Creativity Unlimited in Michigan.


Customized Medals GSJJ
Customized Medals GSJJ
Customized Medals GSJJ
Customized Medals GSJJ

Recognize and honor all top participants in Michigan with Odyssey of the Mind customized medals, top quality but cheap custom medals.

These cheap custom medals feature with Michigan state map on the center which consists of two peninsulas and engraved with “Creativity unlimited in Michigan” on the top.


By working in teams, all participants learn teamwork, the appreciation and understanding of others, and that a group is a more powerful thinking force than an individual.

So, don’t hesitate, have a try!

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