–The Common Sense of Riding the Bus for Pregnant Women

You probably haven’t heard of ‘Can I sit’ the Lapel Pins for mothers-to-be.

First of all, let’s learn about the common sense of riding the bus for pregnant women in Britain, the United States, and Germany.

Can I sit' the Lapel Pins for mothers-to-be


  • Britain — A Gentleman Country, Also Has A Less Gentlemanly Time.

Speaking of gentlemen, people always think of Britons wearing the high hat and holding a cane (Western-style walking-stick). They are courteous to women. That makes the word “gentleman” label British in people’s minds. In fact, the percentage of British men giving up seats to pregnant women is getting lower and lower. The reason is very funny because most people confound with whether women are pregnant or obese.

A survey by a British MCH organ found that 80% of pregnant women were not given their seats on public transport because gentlemen were afraid of the embarrassment of mistaking. In response, London has issued a civilized pledge, London has 400000 11-15 years old adolescents enjoying free rides; they will sign the pledge, promising to give up seats for the elderly, the sick, the pregnant, and the disabled. If not, they need to be punished. If they don’t sign the pledge, they will be confiscated the free pass card.

Lapel Pins for mothers


  • US — Media Commented “Gentleman Is Dead”

In the famous movie Titanic, Titanic sank; Jack left the only door plank to Rose. The adherence to the “Women and Children First” has always been the morality that Americans take delight in talking about. Unfortunately, Americans have stuck in a crowded and desperate subway nowadays; they rarely offer their seats to the mothers-to-be. No wonder the American media commented that “Gentlemen are dead”.

  • Germany — Law Protects Pregnant Women

A third of the seats on German buses are for the elderly, the sick, the pregnant, and the disabled. These seats are marked with blue cross marks. If someone has sat in these seats, once he found the elderly or the sick or the pregnant or the disabled passenger getting on, he must get up and give up his seat. Otherwise, it can be more than just a moral condemnation; people who do not give up their seats will be punished by law.


–Design and Make the  Lapel Pins for Mothers-To-Be

Hark back to the subject. Pregnant women should be given special care in public places, which is the necessary care from a civilized society. However, most pregnant women do not have obvious abdominal bulges at the early stage of pregnancy, so it is difficult to identify them.


Custom Enamel Pins


Especially in the transportation vehicle, a passenger found a woman with large size clothing and slightly abdominal bulges. Although he realized that she might be pregnant and had a sense of public morality to give up her seat for pregnant women, he hesitated to give up his seat or not for fear of embarrassment caused by mistaking women who were not pregnant. Most pregnant women are too embarrassed to show they are mothers-to-be.

The Lapel Pins for mothers-to-be is designed primarily for those pregnant women who do not have obvious abdominal bulges at the early stage of pregnancy or who are obese due to their own sizes. The launch of the Lapel Pins for mothers-to-be makes it clear that pregnant women are marked and it is easier for the public to distinguish them. So that more and more pregnant women can be given the care of the society. As a vulnerable group in society, pregnant women need to be given the love and care of the whole society. With the Custom Enamel Pins for pregnant women, information can be conveyed to the public that they are pregnant, thanks for offering your seat and thanks for your help.




The Lapel Pins for mothers-to-be will be the excellent reflection of civilization level. Let us try our best and make joint efforts to build the society which will be more friendly to pregnant women, primiparous women and new mothers.

The Lapel Pins for mothers-to-be


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