How to Protect The Earth?

The Earth is dying. At least, that’s what the world’s leading experts are saying. But what exactly is happening? The fact of the matter is that every part of Earth has been damaged to a certain extent, and although nature has been responsible for some of these problems (volcanoes emitting carbon into the atmosphere, pigs releasing phosphorus through excretion, etc.) environmental destruction has been caused almost entirely by humans. In fact, many scientists believe that the Earth is in the midst of its sixth mass extinction, and unlike the previous five extinctions, which were likely caused by asteroid impacts, large-scale volcanic activity, or extreme climate change, this one is being caused by humans. If we’re really in the midst of mass extinction, then what can you do to stop this extinction or send it into regression? Well, the step of environmental awareness can help the earth better, no matter how small the action may be. To help you out, here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Walk/Ride a Bike. Sometimes, it’s not necessary to take a car everywhere you go; walking or riding a bike is a good way to get some exercise and reduce your carbon footprint.
  2. Install Low-Flow Showerhead. Low-flow showerheads use less water, meaning lower water bills and less strain on the world’s limited supply of fresh, drinkable water.
  3. Grow Your Own Food. Having your own garden is a great way to eat organically, avoid genetically modified foods, and reduce the need for polluting agricultural equipment and substandard irrigation methods.
  4. Recycle. Recycling is a classic way to help the environment, but not many people know exactly which items can be recycled. Glass, newspaper, aluminum, steel cans, plastic, food and yard garbage (compost), corrugated board, motor oil, and batteries are all items that can be recycled at community recycling facilities. To find out what items can be recycled in your community, contact your local waste management.
Please Protect the Only Home--The Earth
Please Protect the Only Home–The Earth

Protecting the Earth’s environment is one of the most pressing issues of our time. You can make small changes to produce a significant impact, designed to minimize your consumption and waste. And even though you’re just one man, other guys are sure to take note of your good actions, resulting in a domino effect that will magnify the benefits of your behavior. Our custom made pins for the earth is the best symbol to show your dedication to preserving our earth. Make a statement; wear our planet on your lapel or on any apparel to show your dedication.

The Earth Lapel Pin
The Earth Lapel Pin

These custom made pins for the earth are die-struck from high-quality metal, black dye finished and filled by hand with green and bright blue enamel. The transparently blue enamel beautifully replicates our world’s oceans. Our custom made pins for earth include a butterfly back and is individually poly bagged. GS-JJ can provide many different custom pins, including custom hard enamel pins at the lowest price. If you want to know more about custom lapel pins, please click

The Earth Custom Lapel Pin
The Earth Custom Lapel Pin


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