Do you know the Difference Between Medals and Medallions?

Most people mixes medals with medallions. Although they sounds like similar, they have less common. Of course, to some degree, it can be in common use. Now we are talking about what the difference about medals and medallions.


Medals usually refers to a small goods made by metal. Medallion refers to a large medal or trophies. In Europe, medallions have a diameter of at least 3 inches or 80 mm.


Medals use less metals while medallions use more metals or advance materials.


Medals, generally speaking, is a metal disc that is worn for decoration on a chain or string around the neck. However, medallions have a broad meaning, it include medals, trophies, and plaque.


How to Choose Personalized Medals or Medallions?

Firstly, you must clearly tell merchants what kind of medals or medallions you want. It means that you preferably go through their products in the website. There are lots of samples designed by other buyers. GS-JJ usually has exhibition here: Why you should see them? On the one hand, it can help your design inspiration. On the other hand, you will have intuitive feeling for shapes, sizes, materials and effects.

Secondly, you must contact custom service to consult. Each shops have different crafts that you haven’t heard. When you don’t know, you must ask whether the pot breaking. Of course, you will listen to their suggestions. Some crafts cannot be used at the same time. Don’t be stubborn. You can give your designs to designers at GS-JJ, because they have excellent designers. They will help you to design your personalized medals. Why? Do you know that your fiesta medal design must be more than just a business logo or a name?

Thirdly, design is a good start when it comes to making the desired medals. You have to make sure that it has the highest quality production, from the metal itself to the clasp of the ribbon . And you need to ensure it can be delivered on time. Here are some tips to make your production process go smoothly.

  • knowing about the delivery time and making time of manufacturer
  • Avoiding weak ribbons.
  • Choosing metal and metal color
  • Selecting sizes and shapes
  • Adding finishing or not

These are very important for you to paid more attention.

GS-JJ is a professional custom made medals maker. They have sold kinds of custom medals for buyers worldwide. If you are interested in customizing medals, click here: .

Custom Medals Samples


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