The book is the ladder of the progress of mankind.     –Gorky 

A library is a collection of information, raw materials, databases, and services provided by public organizations, government agencies, or private organizations. The library plays a significant role in the development of human civilization and history and is a treasure house of human wisdom.

They are the resources of our greatest collective knowledge. Here is a list of famous top 10 libraries in the world.

Famous top 10 libraries in the world

From the chart, you should have some ideas of read, as follow you would know more about National Library Week and World Reading Day.

National Library Week

Originated in 1958, National Library Week in April every year the American library association and libraries across the country will host a series of commemorative activities, celebrate their valuable contribution to the library and the librarians, and promote the use of the library and support. National Library Week is observed each year in April, generally the second full week.

World Reading Day

World reading day is known as world book and copyright day. The original idea came from the association of international publishers. Determine on November 15, 1995, a year on April 23, for “world book and copyright day”, set up the aim is to promote more people to read and write, hope everyone can respect and thanks for made great contribution to human civilization thought, culture, science, literature masters, the protection of intellectual property rights. On this day of each year, more than one hundred countries in the world hold various kinds of celebration and book promotion activities.

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