Beetles Apparel Pins!

Beetles are known as insects, in the outside part they have a solid hard shell, in the fore wings are the horny, hind wings are membranous and constitute, which is a little bit of beetle understanding . When you see beetles you will certainly be a bit Fear.

Even not all of them look cute, they have really inspired a lot of people to create Fashion, Elegant and cute apparel pins with it!

Wearing this lapel pins on your denim jacket, can definitely give a special touch…

Our beetle pins are perfect for the beetle lover.

Rock your beetle pin on anything: denim jacket, tote bag, scrubs, lanyard, or your backpack.

This jewelry beetle quality pins are made of Genuine Cloisonné hard enamel and gold plated.

GS-JJ can provide many different lapel pins, including personalized pins at the lowest price.

From newspaper, some people put the live beetle inlaid with precious stones, used as pins, how incredible!

I remembered a woman who came to Mexico tourists, security at the U.S. airport is to declare themselves with a beetle, and the beetle wearing a jewel, apparently which is a valuable beetle.

So now you know! better design yours, because at the border they will not allow you to get in with one of those valuable beetle pin …

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