What does Military PVCPatches Mean?

Military PVC patches are the most common patches in the military. Military patches are used as epaulets and are usually worn on the upper left arm of an army combat uniform. The most important feature of military PVC patches is that they can show the identity of the members of the armed forces.

Military PVC Patches
Military PVC Patches

What are PVC Morale Patches?

PVC Morale Patches are the patches that troops and soldiers wear on their uniforms. As the name implies, morale patches, whether made from PVC or embroidery, are made to boost morale and encourage people. Normally, morale patches only apply to specific units or military career areas. The determinations of how to wear or which kind of morale patches should be worn are decided by the leaders.

Classification of Military PVC Patches

1.Army PVC Patches

Military patches are usually made of PVC patches based on the epaulets, logos, graphics, etc. of an army or unit. For example, in the image below, 1st Reconnaissance SQ PVC Patches are made for PVC troop Patches based on epaulets of the 1st Reconnaissance Squadron. The 1st Reconnaissance Squadron is the U.S. Air force Squadron Assigned. The first reconnaissance squadron is the oldest flying unit in the U.S. military. The squadron has maintained uninterrupted succession for more than a century since its establishment.

1st Reconnaissance SQ PVC Patches
1st Reconnaissance SQ PVC Patches

2.Morale PVC Patches

Morale patches only applied to their specific unit or military career areas. The most common morale patch elements are guns, knives, weapons, danger signs, skulls, etc. Soldiers often wear these morale patches to enhance team spirit.

Morale PVC Patches
Morale PVC Patches

3.Police PVC Patches

Police are also part of the military, so police PVC patches are classified as military PVC patches as well. The most common police patches are patches with “police” written in white on a black background. Some Special Forces and soldiers are also able to wear police patches while on duty.

Police PVC Patches
Police PVC Patches

4.Flag PVC Patches

Flag patch mainly includes the national flag, the army flag, and the organization flag, and so on. The most common patch in the army is the national flag patch. As the national flag is the most sacred, each country has special regulations on the wearing of the flag.

According to the department of defense, “when authorized to apply for a suitable uniform, the patch for the United States flag must be worn on the right or left shoulder so that ‘the stars and stripes face forward, or to the right of the flag itself.'” Military rules require the stars on the flag to always be on the front. Non-servicemen can wear their badges on either shoulder, but celebrities can wear them behind their shoulders or on the right.

Flag PVC Patches
Flag PVC Patches

How to Wear Military PVC Patches on Uniforms?

Military PVC patches can be placed elsewhere on the uniform, especially on the side of the helmet. The rotator cuff badge, worn on the right upper sleeve of a military uniform, indicates wartime service. These “combat patches” are worn on the ACU, but no longer on army uniforms.

Military PVC patches in addition to national and military regulations, some morale patches can be worn on the shoulders, chests, arms, etc., as well as on the equipment and backpacks of soldiers. PVC military patch is mainly made of PVC soft glue. PVC soft glue is soft, very comfortable, and not easy to deformation, waterproof and windproof, long service life. Moreover, PVC military patches are mainly worn through the Velcro on the back, which is very convenient for soldiers to change PVC patches of different styles according to different needs, which is very convenient. Wearing PVC military patches not only highlights the identity of the soldier but also shows the spirit of the unit.

PVC Patches on Uniforms
PVC Patches on Uniforms

Can You Wear Military PVC Patches?

Common people are of course free to wear military PVC patches on clothes. It is not illegal to wear the patches on civilian clothing.

Where Can You Buy Military PVC Patches?

With the popularity of PVC patches, PVC military patches are also popular in the major sales platforms by customers. You can buy military PVC patches on any shopping platform. But if you need a special type of patch, you may need to customize it. You can choose to customize a unique military patch on GS-JJ.com. GS-JJ Company is an experienced and excellent PVC patch maker of soft PVC products. We can design and produce all kinds of PVC products according to customers’ needs.

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