In 2016, France released the French women series of gold and silver commemorative coins to pay tribute to women who have made great achievements in French history. Let us have a look at the 5 typical French Female Series Commemorative Coins. Their contribution to history is not only beyond the average person’s understanding, but also worthy of our respect and praise.

1. Queen Clotilde Coins

See from the front of the personalized coins, it is the scene of Clovis baptized. The back of the coin is the head of Queen Clotilde. The ring on her head is Aureola, a symbol of sacredness.

The whole coin adopts an infinite design, and the shape is an irregularly round. The background texture of the coin surface is composed of textile patterns conforming to the life of the character, giving a sensation of solitude and dignity.

2. Queen Matilda Coins

The front of the coin is a fragment of the Battle of Hastings in the “Bayer Tapestry”.  It can be seen that the three warriors who are all dressed up represents a typical Roman art style.

This battle prompted the United Kingdom to complete reunification and promoted language integration, both in terms of politics and in the reform of language and writing. The back of the coin is the head of Matilda. She is the wife of the conqueror William I, Queen of England.


3. Joan of Arc Coins

The front of the coin is dominated by Joan of Arc’s horseback riding. On the back of the quality challenge coins is the floating statue of Jude’s helmet. The background shading is the iris pattern that is regarded as the totem of the French royal family.

Jude is embroidered with the iris pattern on the banner of the battlefield to show its loyalty to the country. This design will set off the fashion trend of matching the pattern and shape in the commemorative coin design.


4. Queen Catherine de Medici Coins

As you can see from the front side of the custom made challenge coins, it shows the famous French castle of Chenonceau. This castle, which combines Gothic architecture with early Renaissance architecture, is called a woman’s castle because its former owners are mostly women.

On the back of the coin is the portrait of Queen Catherine. She has had a major influence on French politics and has a great relationship with the French religious war. She has 10 children, three sons became kings and two daughters became queens.


5. Mary Curie Coins

One side of the award coins is a portrait of Marie Curie and her husband, Pierre Curie. And the background shows the electronic layer of radium. On the other side is a portrait of Mary Distance, with the background in the calculation formula of Marie Curie’s scientific manuscript.

Mrs. Curie is not only a pioneer in radio-logical research but also the first female professor at the University of Paris, the first woman to win the Nobel Prize.

In addition to her scientific contribution, Mrs. Curie was a humanitarian. During World War I, she established the first military radiology center in France. Her mobile X-ray machine was treated for millions of soldiers.


After all, women’s role in history plays an important role. With the precipitation of time, people have learned to evaluate female historical figures objectively and fairly, and issuing commemorative coins for them is a kind of recognition.

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