What is the Bullion Patch?

Bullion Patch is individually hand made by skilled artisans. Bullion patches are used by elite clubs, military uniforms, golf clubs and more. They can be sewn directly to a jacket, but also are available with optional attachments, They are made from gold and silver wire beads with inlaid silk, felt, velvet, which allows for placement to a jacket by means of butterfly clasps or velcro. They are without a doubt the ultimate in emblems!. They are created using a combination of hand-stitched (usually black) fabric gold and silver bar lines on the fabric substrate. Their appearance is significantly different than ordinary embroidery patches. Gold and silver threads replace ordinary yarns or threads. They create elegance and provide an expressive way to express their connection with their organization.

Bullion Patch
Bullion Patch

Who Uses Bullion Patch?

Bullion Patch can be used by anyone, such as some of the most common organizations as follows:

  • Military Branches (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and etc.)
  • Sports Clubs (Football, Basketball, Baseball and more)
  • Security Organizations (Police, Fire Services, Building Security, etc.)
  • Volunteer Organizations
  • Private Clubs
  • Motorcycle Club
Bullion patches
Bullion patches

Where They are Placed?

As usual, Bullion Patch is traditionally worn on a suit jacket; the jacket along with the crest serves as a “member only” garment and can help those who are not part of the team to define in special clubs and organizations. For a different (or more modern) look, these crests can also be worn on hats. No matter where a bullion crest is worn, it will show exclusivity and give the wearer an heir of

The advantage of Bullion Patch:

High Quality: They made from gold and silver wire beads with inlaid silk. they are individually hand made by skilled artisans. so if you want to high-quality patch, chose our bullion patch!

Different materials: They have three chosen for the material. such as velvet, felt materials, and silk.

Low Minimum order: They can accept low minimum QTY orders, such as 100 pieces. it is will be more attractive to customers.

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