Time is always go by so fast. When the annual Thanksgiving day is here, the end of year will be close soon.

Time to do your own year end summary now. Custom Challenge Coins?

Think over your whole year,all of us has many tasks and goals, how about your accomplishment till now? Have ideas about your year end award gifts?

Making year end summary, it’s not just about what you’ve done – it’s just as important to consider your future and how you got there.

Normally necessary lists for Year Summary are including the following parts:

  1. What have you learned: new skills, or something new you have learned, even reading a new book.
  2. Your Accomplishments: what you did and overcame in the year.
  3. Your missing: find out reasons and improve in the future.
  4. Planning for Next year: talking about any dreams or goals you want to achieve next year.

If you really make a difference or created something in your life this year– you deserve to recognize it and thanks yourself for it.Try to honor and award yourself with some custom meaningful challenge coins if you’re experienced challenge coins collector, or give surprise and souvenir gifts to your veterans parents with military challenge coins and lovers with fashion custom lapel pins. Thanks them for their important roles and contribution in your life.

Keep do your own summary, then you can go ahead so far.

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”. List your plan for next year, to make yourself more better.

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